Jake Schaale

I guess you could say I’m a casual car enthusiast. I grew up in Detroit, go to the North American International Auto Show every year, and love keeping up with all the latest automotive innovations. But don’t try to talk to me about things like engine displacements or suspension configurations, ‘cause I just recently realized that “chassy” isn’t slang for chassis but just how the word is pronounced.
                                                                                                                                        Tires never used to be on my radar, but RightTurn has helped me learn just how much of a difference tires make. I’ve even witnessed a minivan outrace a BMW just because it had the right tires. Hopefully my musings here will help you discover a bit about what tires can do for you. At the very least, I’ll settle for making you crack a smile every now and then.                                                                                                                                       

You can reach Jake at jschaale@rightturn.com.

do i need a car

“Do I Need a Car?” Yes — 5 Things You Can’t Do without One

Asking yourself “Do I need a new car?” You’re not alone. People don’t have cars for all sorts of reasons. But there comes a time when many non-drivers — yes, even those enigmatic millennials — do start to think they might want to buy a car. So do you need a car? As an avid driver myself, I say yes. Sure, you can get by without one if you live in … Continue reading

are used tires safe

Are Used Tires Safe? 3 Reasons Why Not

Thinking about buying used tires and asking yourself “are used tires safe?” I personally don’t think so, and here are three reasons why. 1. You don’t know how used tires have been… used. Overinflation, underinflation, excessive loads, harsh cleansers, improper storage — all these things can cause damage to a tire and make it more susceptible to failure. Trouble is, it’s not always possible to tell just by looking at … Continue reading

november tire deals and promotions

November Tire Deals and Tire Promotions

You know what I’m thankful for? These November tire deals! Because if you need new tires to handle the coming winter weather, now you really have no reason to put it off anymore with these tire deals. Vehicle-Exclusive Tire Deals Audi $70 Instant Rebate Infiniti $60 Instant Rebate Nissan $60 Instant Rebate Volkswagen $70 Rebate Other Tire Deals Continental $70 Rebate BFGoodrich $50 Rebate Michelin $70 Rebate Pirelli $70 Rebate (Winter … Continue reading

drive ins near me

Drive-In Theaters Near Me & You

If you’re like me, you may have wondered at one point or another, “Are there any drive-in theaters near me?”. Drive-ins are an endangered species, even completely extinct in four states already: Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, and North Dakota. My parents claim that I’ve been to a drive-in theater, but either they’re confused or I was an infant because I have no recollection of it (and going to the movies with a … Continue reading

benefits of winter tires

Snow Tires — 3 Things You Don’t Know about Winter Tires

So it isn’t winter quite yet, but right about now is when you want to start thinking about buying winter tires (AKA snow tires) in preparation for what Mother Nature has in store the next couple months. Winter tires aren’t nearly as popular here in the States as over in Europe, which goes to show how much people don’t know about them. Like the fact that they’re not just for snow, even though many … Continue reading

October tire deals

October Tire Deals and Tire Promotions

Save up to $250 on tires! Shorter days bring bigger savings, and the number of deals we have this October is simply shocking! But don’t wait — these limited-time offers end Halloween! And missing out on such freakishly good tire deals would be downright frightful! Vehicle-Exclusive Tire Deals Audi $100 Instant Discount Chrysler Up to $250 Instant Discount Dodge Up to $250 Instant Discount Fiat Up to $250 Instant Discount Hyundai $50 … Continue reading

summer driving safety tips

Traffic Safety & Driving Safety around the World

Traffic safety and driving safety tips are always worthwhile topics, but they’re definitely having their moment in the sun this week. India: Army man turned poet writes song of driving safety tips. Since retiring from the army, Ishwar Chand Gambhir enjoys writing poetry in his spare time. His latest inspiration? Traffic safety. He’s penned a song hoping to spread awareness of traffic rules and inspire drivers to follow them. Next … Continue reading

ask a stupid question day

3 Stupid Questions about Cars & Tires, Answered

When is Ask a Stupid Question Day? The answer is pretty stupid — either September 28, or the last school day of September (September 30 this year). This holiday is so stupid it doesn’t even know which day to fall on. But you know what ISN’T stupid? Questions about cars and tires that affect safety. So in the spirit of National Ask a Stupid Question day (the purpose of which is … Continue reading

national child passenger safety week

Car Seats & Beyond — National Child Passenger Safety Week

This Sunday — September 18, 2016 — marks the beginning of National Child Passenger Safety Week. In fact, the entire month of September is Baby Safety Month. So now seems like an opportune time to take a moment to ponder two essential car devices that help keep kids safe.   Car Seat Safety Step 1. Find the correct car seat.  In general, it boils down to choosing the appropriate one for the … Continue reading

september tire deals

September Tire Deals and Tire Promotions

Summer’s nearly over, the kids are back in school, and these September tire deals make it a great time to get new tires—especially with winter right around the corner.   Vehicle-Exclusive Tire Deals Infiniti $100+ Instant Discount Nissan $100+ Instant Discount Jaguar $70 Rebate Land Rover $70 Rebate Mercedes-Benz $70 Rebate Volkswagen $70 Rebate   Other Tire Deals Hankook Up to $100 Rebate Kumho Up to $100 Rebate Michelin $70 … Continue reading