Jarod Witkowski

I’m not a tire guy. Or…I wasn’t at one time. But the beauty of tires is that they’re learnable. And beyond that, they are necessary to be learned. Prior to coming to RightTurn, I probably felt about tires the way I feel about my hair. Much like tires eventually do, my head went bald. So I felt that this is what I got and I’m stuck with it. If I replaced it (my hair), I’d still get the hair I had, right? I wouldn’t get curly hair. Or different color hair. So what’s this got to do with tires? Well when it’s time to replace tires, you want to be educated on what tires will be best suited for your vehicle. And that’s more than just saying, “Gimme the same ones as last time.” It’s complicated, but not really. We are here at RightTurn to make things easy for you.

You can reach Jarod at jwitkowski@dealertire.com.

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2017 Detroit Auto Show Highlights

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RightTurn’s Road Trip Destinations Series: Florida

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