female engineers

Female Engineers in the Auto Industry

  In 1987, March was declared Women’s History Month. Which sadly, seems much too late to celebrate the contributions of women to better the world we live in. History is inescapable and showcases how we got from there to here. Ignoring the significant accomplishments of women in history creates a mindset in people to live rootless lives, which can be damaging to current and future endeavors. So here we are … Continue reading

female ceos

3 Powerful Women Driving the Auto Industry

Women continue to tear down stereotypes and shatter the glass ceiling, and the auto industry is no exception. Once a “male only” field, women continue to climb the ranks and a handful have conquered the industry at the top. We are thrilled to see more female executives emerge as key players at the table rather than just models in sports car advertisements. Beyond Glass Ceilings When it comes to female … Continue reading

Winter blend gas

Gasoline and Winter

The cold can affect just about anything in your daily life, including your gasoline. That’s right, winter blend gas is different than summer blend. But it doesn’t end there. How does the cold affect your fuel economy? And did you ever wonder if using your heat and heated seats used up more gasoline? And does heating up your car before driving actually improve efficiency? Let’s take a look! Winter Vs. … Continue reading

2017 detroit auto show

2017 Detroit Auto Show Highlights

The 2017 North American International Auto Show arrived in Detroit for its annual run from January 8–22. And like every year, it did not disappoint. As usual, replacements, upgrades, and concepts were showcased for the car lover in all of those who attended. New Takes on Old Classics VW Microbus Concept A few old names made the guest list at this year’s Auto Show. Volkswagen has been mum for years … Continue reading

what makes a good tire

What You Need to Know about Buying Tires

What makes a good tire? That’s easy. When choosing a tire for your vehicle, consider your needs as a driver including your driving style, distance, types of roads you usually travel, and the weather you typically encounter. Once those are determined, you can easily find the tire that best fits your car, and best fits your needs. There is no one tire fits all, so it’s important to know what all those … Continue reading

2016 Chicago auto show

2016 Chicago Auto Show Highlights

It’s auto show season! It might still be chilly where you live, but I always know that when the car show comes around, it means we’re making the fourth turn and speeding straight toward summertime. The Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in all of North America and has been up and running since 1901. If you love history and cars and Chicago, check out the Chicago Auto … Continue reading

tire pressure gauge

Tire Pressure Gauges: A Brief History

We’ve talked a lot about checking your tire pressure (once a month, in case you haven’t been listening) because it’s important for maintaining optimal contact with the road. But for how long has this been a thing? What is the history of the tire pressure gauge? Well, thanks to Google, we’re about to find out. The first general pressure gauge was invented around 1850, and it’s called the Bourdon-tube gauge. … Continue reading

best car awards

And the Best Car Awards Go To…

It’s Academy Awards season! With that in mind, we decided to present you with our version and we’re calling it the Carcademy Awards. We’re presenting the best cars that have appeared in feature films over the years. Sometimes, no matter how good an actor is, we just can’t take our eyes off the four-wheeled stars. After narrowing down the many possible honorees, RightTurn has selected the best cars for seven … Continue reading

best sold car

Toyota Retains Its Crown as the World’s Top-Selling Automaker

Toyota’s Triumph 2015 marked the fourth straight year that Toyota reached the top spot as the world’s best-selling automaker. With 10.151 million vehicles sold in 2015, Toyota beat its own calculation of selling10.098 millions vehicles. Despite a 0.8 percent drop in total sales, Toyota managed to stay at the top through sales for its main brand, and nearly 800,000 sales for Japanese subsidies Daihatsu and Hino. With improvements from redesigned … Continue reading

where is my spare tire

Where is My Spare Tire?

When I was a kid, this question would have been a silly question. Not anymore. Thanks to U.S. Federal Government regulations on fuel efficiency, spare tires may soon be considered archaic. The Corporate Average Fuel Economy, or CAFE, was first enacted by Congress in 1975. Its focus is to increase the fuel economy of cars and trucks with the ultimate goal of reducing our overall energy consumption. This isn’t the … Continue reading