do i need a car

“Do I Need a Car?” Yes — 5 Things You Can’t Do without One

Asking yourself “Do I need a new car?” You’re not alone. People don’t have cars for all sorts of reasons. But there comes a time when many non-drivers — yes, even those enigmatic millennials — do start to think they might want to buy a car. So do you need a car? As an avid driver myself, I say yes. Sure, you can get by without one if you live in … Continue reading

celebrity car collections

10 Unique Celebrity Cars

When you think of celebrity car collections, you probably think of something astronomically priced due to the superfluous gadgets and opulent paint jobs. Well not every celebrity wants the most expensive car; they just want the most unique car. And yes, that still means they can get expensive. This list isn’t just comprised of cheap cars, custom cars, or practical cars. In fact, this list is a combination of anything … Continue reading

how to remove bumper stickers

Top 10 Bumper Stickers (And How to Remove Them)

Bumper stickers are a chance to express who you are and what you believe in — that is, IF you’re brave enough. For just a few seconds, you can either make someone laugh, think, cry, or get angry. You can’t really even take one short drive to the market without seeing some kind of comment trying to change the world with one quip. Here are ten of my favorite bumper … Continue reading

drive ins near me

Drive-In Theaters Near Me & You

If you’re like me, you may have wondered at one point or another, “Are there any drive-in theaters near me?”. Drive-ins are an endangered species, even completely extinct in four states already: Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, and North Dakota. My parents claim that I’ve been to a drive-in theater, but either they’re confused or I was an infant because I have no recollection of it (and going to the movies with a … Continue reading

best summer cars

Summer’s Best Cars!

Wait a minute! Summer isn’t over yet, folks. We still have plenty of sunshine left to hit the beach, have a picnic, or go for a drive. When it comes to summer driving, you can’t help but notice the best summer cars! So if your summer wasn’t hot enough, these trendy cars will help heat things up. Kia Soul This boxy vehicle has what you need for anything summery. It … Continue reading

college graduation gifts

Top 5 Gifts for Your College Grad

In the middle of graduation party season, you might still be wondering what college graduation gifts to get for a recent college grad. Don’t agonize over it. RightTurn is here to help! Now that they’ve gotten over this treacherous hill, it’s time for them to embark on the long journey into the rest of their lives. Some start fast, others hit their stride after a few miles, and many just … Continue reading

Let’s Create Summer Cars!

One thing I love about summer is driving. Because everything I end up doing with my friends and family usually involves driving to get there. And who complains about perfect driving weather? I would hope no one. So when you get ready to go out and do something fun, make sure you have this summer’s hottest must-haves for your car to make summer activities as best as possible — and … Continue reading

Exposing Crumbs in the Car

I think mostly moms really recognize the validity of that question. Before I had my daughter, you wouldn’t find any food crumbs in my car. Maybe some empty coffee cups or a bottle of water (or three) but never food. And now? Sigh. A friend of mine told me not to let her eat in the car, but did I listen? Nope. And now, at any given time, you can … Continue reading

car superstitions

5 Car Superstitions

Whether you believe in car superstitions or not, it’s hard to ignore the ominous feeling of Friday the 13th. People who fear this day suffer from paraskevidekatriaphobia. Friday the 13th frightens people so much that they won’t travel, marry, or even go to work in some extreme cases. The basic idea of superstitious behavior is that if any one action leads to a successful outcome, you’re likely to repeat that … Continue reading

mom cars

Let’s Talk Mom Cars

I hope you enjoyed our first article in honor of our May Celebration of Mothers! Our second one asked women to tell us what they drove before and after they became moms. I’ve written before about how I bought a new car when I found out I was pregnant. Safety and reliability became more important to me than they had previously. I was curious if other mothers made drastic changes. … Continue reading