car games for kids

Tell Us Your Car Games for Kids

While the rest of the country gives moms one day, RightTurn is giving them the entire month of May! As a mother, I know a lot of us spend a lot of time in our cars which is a perfect tie-in to what we care about second only to our children. Tires. Ok that might be an exaggeration but we do care a lot about tires. We posed some questions … Continue reading

most ticketed car

The Most Ticketed Cars & Least Ticketed Cars

Last year on the blog, I shared a list of the 20 cars that get the most traffic tickets. recently updated the rankings. Let’s check ‘em out! 20 Most Ticketed Cars Lexus ES 300 Nissan 350Z Dodge Charger SE/SXT Volkswagen Jetta GL Chevrolet Monte Carlo LS/LT Mazda 3s Volkswagen GTI Dodge Stratus SXT Acura 3.0s Toyota Tacoma Mazda Tribute Subaru Impreza WRX Lexus LS 400 Series Subaru Impreza 2.5I … Continue reading

recycled tires

Let’s Hear It for Recycled Tires

I know what you’re thinking — how on earth can we celebrate ecological sustainability with tires? Thank goodness we are here to help. Tires are essential to your driving safety, and everyone from the automotive companies to the tire manufacturers — and those of us in between — are committed to keeping the earth as healthy as possible. That’s why we’ve written so many articles about sustainability. Here’s a handy … Continue reading

Spring Tires for Spring? Not Exactly

For folks who swap their tires throughout the year, you got your winter tires and you got your summer tires. So… what about the other two seasons? There aren’t separate seasonal tires for spring and fall because summer tires are actually for more than just summer. They’re also called three-season tires. Rather than think of winter and summer tires as season-specific, think of them as temperature-specific. You have your cold … Continue reading

summer tires

Time to Swap Winter Tires for All-Season or Summer Tires!

Because you do use winter tires, right? (You folks with warm winters are off the hook.) And now that another winter has come and gone, it’s time to swap out those wonderful winter tires for your summer tires or all-season tires. Don’t use winter tires in warm weather. The features that make them great in cold weather make them not so awesome the rest of the year. Winter tires are … Continue reading

indosole recycled tire shoes

Indosole is Turning Tires into Shoes

Most tires look pretty much the same, at least from afar. This I will concede. But you know what doesn’t look the same at all? All the different shoes made of tires at Turning tires into shoes isn’t a new concept, but what makes Indosole (based in Indonesia, bene the name) stand is out is how cool the shoes look. Not only are they keeping tires from landfills, they’re … Continue reading

tire rage

Tires are Important, We Say

While we here at are serious about our tire safety, we are generally some pretty fun folks. And to prove it, we’ve created these images to visually stimulate those of you who still might think tires aren’t all that important. We’ve titled this series “Tire Rage,” because there is nothing quite like the rage you feel when your tires fail you, especially if it was your own fault. Having … Continue reading

car quotes

RightTurn’s Favorite Car Quotes

Working in a place filled with automotive geeks and tire nerds (we take pride in that, mind you), I figured I could get some good car quotes. And I was right. So sit back and be prepared to be amazed (or at least amused). Here are the favorite auto quotes from all of us here at “I live my life a quarter mile at a time” (Vin Diesel, Fast and … Continue reading

car stunts

Best Car Stunts

It’s amazing how much attention a good car stunt gets. People love watching the dangerous and the unbelievable, so it’s no wonder why the Fast and the Furious franchise has seven movies down, and even more in the hopper. There have been innumerable car stunts and jumps that push the limits with each one so daring, trying not to be outdone. It’s not exactly the best thing for a car, … Continue reading

super mario maker

Drive a Mercedes-Benz in Super Mario Maker

The Mercedes-Benz and Mario mashups continue to surprise me. First I was able to drive a Mercedes-Benz GLA in Mario Kart 8 — now I can drive a Mercedes-Benz GLA in Super Mario Maker (my latest video game addition). It’s all part of a new custom Mario Maker level called “Mercedes-Benz Jump’n’Drive”. Check it out: If you beat the level, you get to keep the custom costume and use it in … Continue reading