TPMS Issues – Tire Pressure Monitoring System Troubleshooting

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have been required in all vehicles beginning with model year 2008. If you have a newer car, you may already be familiar with TPMS. If low tire pressure is detected, a TPMS warning lamp lights up on the dashboard. That means one of your tires is flat. But if the TPMS light is always lit or turning on and off randomly, you may be experiencing … Continue reading

uses for old tires

Creative Uses for Old Tires

Old tires typically get thrown away, find their way to a giant open-air scrap tire pile, or make great dust collectors in the shed or garage. As great as those old tractor tires look on the front lawns of rural homesteads as flowerpots, there are many other uses for old tires. Check out a few creative ideas that convert old tires into useful objects for your home. Tire Ottoman You … Continue reading

Buy Tires Online, the RightTurn Way

So you need new tires? Sweet! What? You didn’t have that reaction? I don’t blame you — before coming to, I too, didn’t look forward to buying tires online (or offline for that matter). I was overwhelmed because I didn’t know the first thing about tires. But here comes the good news. You don’t really need to. You don’t even really need to know how to read a tire … Continue reading

teen driving safety

How to Talk about Teen Driving Safety

Did you know that car accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers? It’s true. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 3,000 teens are killed in motor vehicle accidents every year. That’s eight teens a day. Teen driving safety is important. But how do we do it? Teenagers aren’t exactly known for their desire to listen to anyone, let alone mom and dad. Plus, they … Continue reading

planning a road trip

Plan the Perfect Mini Road Trip in 3 Questions

So you want to get away but don’t have a lot of time? I can relate. Sometimes I just need a change of scenery, but with a one year old, I don’t have the time (money or energy) to go away for a long time. Mini road trip to the rescue! Really, in answering just three questions, planning a road trip can be fast and easy. But before we get … Continue reading

Things to Do with Old Tires

3 Things to Do With Old Tires

Have some old tires lying around? I mean, who doesn’t, right? Thank goodness we live in the Pinterest era because now there are colorful and practical things you can do with them. In fact, after seeing these photos, you may want to go out and actually find some old tires. Tire Chairs I love this idea for many reasons. First, there’s the poetic nature of it all. Tires supported your … Continue reading

Getting the most out of your tires

Get the Most Out of Your Tires

Raise your hand if you like paying for tires. Anyone? Of course not! Don’t get me wrong — I appreciate that they help to keep me safe, and I am definitely willing to pay more for better quality, performance, and comfort. But I also want to get the most out of them that I can. You’ll see that throughout the tips, the key is for your tires to wear down … Continue reading

Homemade Tire Shine

How to Make Homemade Tire Shine

Anyone who’s been on the Internet lately probably knows that there are homemade solutions for just about everything. Blogs and Pinterest feature all-natural recipes for everything from cleaning your floor to smoothing out your wrinkles. So you know we had to see if tires could be part of the fun — and we found it. One detailer in Detroit claims to have a homemade tire shine recipe that will keep … Continue reading

When to Replace Tires

How Do You Know When to Replace Tires?

“How do I know when to replace tires,” is a question I hear all of the time. The basic answer is that you need new tires when the tread is low. What constitutes low depends on where you live (or technically, where you drive). Let’s back up. When you look at your tire head on, you’re looking at its tread. The more tread that touches the ground, the more grip … Continue reading

Car Apps to Track Everything from the Tires Up

No matter what smartphone you have, there are plenty of car apps to choose from. It’s just about using what’s most important, so you can be as safe and efficient on the road as possible. Let’s face it; keeping track of everything on your car is quite a challenge. Life gets in the way and suddenly you’re ignoring simple car maintenance tasks like checking your tire pressure. I know I … Continue reading