10 Reasons for Being Late to Work

Are you ever late for work? What’s the craziest reason you’ve given? Was it real or fake? Here are some that I’ve heard recently. Some are legit and some are, well, not. Here are my Top 10.

10: Power Outage
The power went out, and I couldn’t open my garage door to get out my car.

9: Fake Phone Call
At my old job, I would walk in late on my cell phone speaking in an exasperated voice to no one on the other end. I would end the “call” by very sternly telling the person that I would really have to call them back later because they’d already made me late. When my boss asked, I’d huff something about an insurance company or doctor dispute — and he would nod understandingly.

8: Curious Cat
My cat used to sneak out of my apartment door just as I was leaving for work in the morning, and I’d have to wrangle him in the hallway.

7: Squirrel?!
My collie nose-dived into some mud to kill a squirrel, and I had to hose him down.

6: Washing Machine Woes
My washing machine broke mid-cycle and flooded the basement. Instead of just being late, I took the day off.

5: Poisonous Plant
I bought this really beautiful plant for my apartment. My cat ate it and vomited all over my living room floor. Apparently ants LOVE kitty vomit, so I had hundreds of them. I spent most of the morning cleaning that up, and I was late to work.
PS. My cat is fine.

4: Totaled Car
I’m careful about my excuses, because one time I overslept and told work my car was stuck in the snow. Then, for real, I totaled my car on the way in. Karma!

3: Truck Trouble
My truck’s transmission died on the way to work, so I told my boss it would take the tow truck an hour to get to me. Even though the tow truck showed up five minutes later, I still went and got breakfast.

2: Hot Hair
I was already on my way in and had to run back home to make sure my flat iron was turned off and unplugged.

1: This one came from my boss.
“Don’t be late.”

I called these reasons, but let’s be honest: they’re excuses and like my sixth grade math teacher taught me, “excuses are like bellybuttons, everyone has one.”

What’s your best excuse for being late to work?