3 Essentials to Bring on Summer Road Trip

So it’s summer and you’re ready to get up, get out, and enjoy a summer road trip with your family. Before you drop everything and get on the road, don’t drop the ball; remember, there are essentials for every successful summer road trip.

I’d be a fool to tell you to bring a GPS system since you don’t really have a choice. You’ve got GPS on your phone, GPS in your car, GPS on your tablets. If anything, I’d tell you not to bring GPS. Use a map. Get lost a little bit. Find something new. And assuming you’re prepared to bring the usual stuff (phone, motor oil, spare keys, travel insurance docs, first-aid kit), here are three essential hacks that every family should bring on a summer road trip.


Okay, I know you brought money. Duh. But if you happen to forget your wallet at a Wal-Mart in Walla Walla, Washington, it would be beneficial to keep some emergency cash around in an inconspicuous place Works for toll booths, too!


Would a road trip really be complete if it didn’t have its own soundtrack? Here’s a tip: Have each family member make at least one playlist, so that everyone gets to enjoy some of their own music along the way. Depending on how long the trip is, make two playlists each or listen to books on tape. Struggling for ideas? Visit RightTurn’s spotify playlists to find our favorite road trip and car-related songs!


Another way to save a little bit on money and make your trip feel like you’re taking a part of home with you (for those who get homesick). Portable grills are great to bring to the beach or camping. Most affordable grills offer go-anywhere charcoal or gas. All you have to do is hit the grocery store nearest the campsite and get all the fixins you need for a road trip BBQ!

No matter what you bring, you can’t substitute the importance of checking your tires because everything is riding on them. You can always pick up the other travel necessities along the way — unless you’re on the side of the road waiting for a tow.