Buy Tires Online

3 Reasons to Buy Tires Online

Where’s the best place to buy tires? Online, it turns out. We buy all sorts of things online these days (I’m your classic addict myself). But tires — a lot of us just aren’t comfortable with the idea. Or didn’t even know it was an option. But it is! And here are 3 reasons why you should buy tires online at RightTurn.


#1. Better Selection of Tires

At your average tire shop, you can only choose from the limited number of tires in stock at the moment. There are hundreds of different tire sizes too, so you may only find one or two tires that even fit your car. If you’re dropping hundreds of dollars on something that’ll be with you for several years, don’t you want to be sure you’re getting the best tires for you and your vehicle, not just what’s left on the tire rack?

When you buy tires online at RightTurn, you’re shopping from our nationwide inventory. No need to worry about what’s in stock, because your new tires come directly from one of our distribution centers. No need to worry about being overwhelmed by too many options either, because RightTurn helps you find the best tire for your individual needs.


#2. No Sales Pressure

Buying tires at a brick-and-mortar tire shop, you’re ultimately at the mercy of the guy (or gal) behind the desk. His opinion is the only one you get, and can you be sure it isn’t biased? And if you’re not sold on what he’s recommending, he could start telling you whatever you want to hear to close the sale or pressuring you with supposedly last-chance prices.

Buying tires online keeps you in control. At RightTurn, you’re shopping for tires on your own terms. Take your time comparing options and reading reviews from other drivers like you so you can make a confident and informed decision. Can’t make up your mind? Come back tomorrow — we’ll remember you so you can pick up right where you left off.


#3. Shop in Your Underwear

At your average tire shop, you have to wear clothes. Even if you already planned to anyway, first you have to hunt down a place that sells tires, find their business hours, get directions and see if you can make it there before they close — all before you even know if they have the right tires for you and your vehicle.

You can shop for tires online in your underwear! Or during a boring meeting. Or on the toilet with your smartphone (you know you’ve done it). RightTurn’s business hours are easy to remember: 24/7/365. Night owls, nudists, new moms awake before dawn — you can always buy tires and schedule installation at RightTurn.

Now as for the installation, RightTurn partners with certified dealerships for your installation. They have a slightly stricter dress code and may not be open in the middle of the night. But that’s okay, because RightTurn’s online scheduling helps you choose a date and time that works with your schedule, and your tires get the white-glove treatment by the expert installers who know your vehicle best. That’s worth putting pants on for, don’t you think?


#4. But Why RightTurn?

I know, I know. I said this was a top 3 list. But I just want to be sure you know that even with all the benefits of buying tires online, not all online tire retailers are equal.

One thing we at RightTurn pride ourselves on is our up-front, all-in-one price that includes installation. Most other tire websites are only selling you the tires, and you have to figure out — and pay for — installation later. Doesn’t seem very fair to us, and not very convenient either if you have to schlep the tires you bought online from your front door to a car shop to get them installed.

So when you’re checking out all your online tire buying options, remember that RightTurn is your one-stop shop for excellent tires and installation.