5 Playlists for Your Commute

According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, Americans’ daily commute is nearly 30 miles per day with an average duration of 45 minutes. That’s a heck of a lot of time in the car. Given that it’s unsafe to be texting/talking while driving, what better way to get out of your head for a minute and slip away with some great music! RightTurn’s Spotify playlist is back and we’re offering five great playlists for your commute!

Some people want to have the stress of slow-moving traffic, road rage, and honking horns to just melt away. Others need to get pumped up for the big game. And then there are the genre-based listeners that don’t want to hear to anything but what they love. Here are five commuting playlists to get your ready to haul to and from work.

Mellow Mix

This playlist is calm, cool, and reminds you of sunny days with its laid back attitude. From traditional folk to indie electro, you’ll get to work relaxed and refreshed, ready for business.


Enthusiastic Commute

Just the opposite of the mellow mix, your enthusiastic commute playlist will have you howling along with songs to get you pumped up to do what you do best. Listening to a playlist this fast will have you at work in no time.


Awesome ‘80s

If you love ’80s synth and catchy hooks, then our awesome ’80s playlist is for you. Just shrug off the looks you’ll get from others in traffic while you’re dancing like a pop star.



By far my favorite playlist to make, old soul songs of an eccentric variety give your old soul something to enjoy on your commute. This is truly where I let all the pain and misery of going into work just melt away with the smooth sounds of mishandled Motown.



Another playlist with a eclectic artist list from modern electronica to classical composers and even rocking classic cover songs. A playlist to get your mind focused and ready for the day ahead.