Accessorize Your Car

People want to personalize everything these days. That’s no different when it comes to driving. According to the AAA Foundation, American drivers spend an average of 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year, which is seven 40-hour weeks at the office! So with so much time being spent on the road, don’t you want your car to be your home away from home? Check out our list below for the best car accessories.


Car accessories don’t just mean customizing the rims on your “donk.” Sometimes it’s a matter of extending the safety of your vehicle.

Curb Alert System

A number of companies are making gadgets that alert you to the proximity of the curb so your bumpers don’t get bumped! Let’s be honest, that’s what they’re there for, but you don’t really ever want to compromise your safety by scraping your bumpers for the time you may actually be in a fender bender. Not to mention, it sure is unsightly, and even an indication that you might not be as good a driver as you may think!

Baby Camera

Just because it’s for your baby, doesn’t mean that it ain’t a valuable car accessory. When you’re on the road and you need all eyes on the road, it’s helpful to have an extra set on your babe when he or she is in the car seat facing away from you. These baby cams show a display that allow you to keep an eye on everything you need to all while keeping safe.

Connected Car Adapter

More advanced devices are helping you stay connected and more importantly, safer. Adapters plug in under your dashboard and sync your data to track everything from mileage to the location of your car and report an emergency if you happen to be in an accident. So you’ll never forget where you parked, or you’ll know exactly where to tell the police it is if someone decides to borrow it without asking!

Tech Accessories

We can’t seem to get enough of it as humans, so let’s see what the newest tech advances are offering us for our cars.

Car Charger

Sounds boring, right? But everybody uses phones in the car. Whether they are playing music or using a GPS application, people need battery power. But who gets to charge their phone and for how long? Well here’s a solution: A USB port charger where multiple devices can charge at once. Most models have from two to four USB ports that illuminate, so you can even see in the dark on those long, late-night road trips. Now the only juice you’ll be looking for is orange.

Anti-Sleep Alarm

I wasn’t sure where to place this one, but who cares; it’s awesome. According to, about eleven million drivers admitted to having an accident or near accident because they fell asleep or were too drowsy to drive. Because of this serious issue that is just as dangerous as drunken driving, this device could potentially eliminate those eleven million drowsy close calls and collisions. It works by calculating your fatigue level and gives a detailed status concerning your ability to drive. Some are even wearable and non-intrusive; these devices can measure your concentration level by monitoring important activity in your body. Letting you know that you’re too tired to drive up to five minutes ahead of actually dozing off! You can’t stop science; but you can stop driving when you’re too tired.


Dashboard Head-Up Display

We all have places to go and people to see. We’re very busy and that normally equates to being on your phone, even with you’re not supposed to be (ahem…in your car). Well the road needs your eyes more than your phone, so some companies are making head-up displays that project onto your windshield just in your field of vision so you never have to take your eyes off the road. The beauty of these tech tools is that you can control your GPS, phone calls, texts, and music all with voice-activated technology. Not to mention, it’s connected to your car, so it’ll tell you when you’re low on gas and will re-route you to the nearest gas station.

Add Some Kitsch to Your Car

Sometimes it’s not the new technology gadgets that truly define who we are. Sure, they are exciting and can help improve our commutes and make life just a little bit easier. But you still need to leave room for your personality. So don’t forget to do you with these fun interior car accessories.

Hula Dancer

We might not always be in paradise, but this little lady can help us imagine it. A timeless classic that goes well in any car, just pop this cute hula dancer on your dash and dream of Maui (Yowee!)

Beaded Seat Covers

I have a personal connection to this one. If you’ve read my articles before, you might have read about my beloved ’85 two-tone brown Toyota Camry. Well you guessed it, I had beaded seat covers and I loved them. I can see people being resistant to putting these on their nice leather upholstery, but I assure you, these seats will not disappoint. Read one hilarious beaded seat cover creative piece here.

Fuzzy Dice

Did you know that fuzzy dice have a surprising historical backstory? Me neither! In World War II, pilots would place dice on their instrument panel with the number seven showing for good luck on their mission. As these pilots returned home and found a way to satisfy their thrill-seeking ways, they turned to hot-rodding. The practice of placing fuzzy dice over the rearview mirror became common in the street racing subculture. As it stands today, they don’t serve the same purpose for drivers. But a nod to the past, especially war heroes that had the need for speed is a kitschy car accessory I can get behind.