An Amazing Staycation Is Just a Quick Car Ride Away

Why take a staycation? Because it’s cheap way to take a vacation and it could uncover some amazing things you didn’t even realize were in your neighborhood. And simply having a car opens you to so many staycation options and weekend getaway ideas.

Whenever I travel somewhere new, I check out the city’s top attractions on TripAdvisor. It’s a great help when there’s so much you could do but so little time. But TripAdvisor also comes in handy when you’re feeling a little bored with your routine in your own town—same old bars, same old restaurants, same old diversions.

I’ve lived in Cleveland for… woah, I just checked and get this: I’ve lived here for 5 years, 5 months, and 5 days! That’s crazy. But anyhoo, let’s say I was looking for things to do on a staycation. Here’s two ways it could go.

Staycation Idea 1: Get to know your own city better.

Most of the top things to do in Cleveland, I’ve done. But there are some I haven’t, and the list is quite long. So just by process of elimination, go through the top TripAdvisor attractions in your town, see what you’re missing, and build a staycation around them.

I’ve never seen the USS Cod Submarine Memorial, the Cleveland Public Library, or the Greater Cleveland Aquarium, and these are all downtown where there are also tons and tons of PokéStops (unabashed Pokémon Go addict here), so this is already sounding like fun day.

Staycation Idea 2: Venture out and meet your neighbor (cities).

So let’s say you’ve completely exhausted the list of attractions in your own town, or you’re just hoping for more of a change of scenery. What do you do? Take a day trip to another city you haven’t spent much time in.

For me, that’s Akron. It’s the closest major city to Cleveland, and I’ve hardly spent any time there at all. So it’s essentially all new to me. And indeed I look at TripAdvisor and other than the Akron Civic Theatre, I haven’t done anything on the list.

Depending on how big the next closest city is, there may even be so many weekend getaway ideas that you make it an overnight trip. Dunno if that still counts as a staycation if you’re getting a hotel in a different city, but who cares.

So those are my staycation ideas, and now I have a hankering for a trip to Akron. What are your staycation suggestions?

(BTW—If you’re more interested in an actual vacation that gets you away from home, check out RightTurn’s State-by-State Road Trip Destinations Series and other road trips.)