Americana the Beautiful

For me, one of the greatest things about the good ol’ U.S. of A., is all the crazy, kitschy things you can find here that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. So here are my top 3 tire-related bits of Americana worth watching for on your travels throughout the States.

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3. The World’s Biggest Tire – Bladenboro, North Carolina

This enormous attraction, pictured above, is the world’s biggest tire constructed for use on a vehicle. The diameter of the tire is 14 feet, and it weighs 5 tons. In case you’re wondering, that’s a 59/80R63 size. The tire, constructed by Michelin, was built for use on large commercial dump trucks. These trucks are themselves big enough to require a ladder to get in.

2. The World’s Biggest Tire – Allen Park, Michigan

That’s not a typo. This is also the world’s biggest tire but in a different category. This behemoth was never intended for use on a vehicle. Weighing in at 12 tons and measuring 80 feet tall, this Uniroyal Tiger Paw tire was originally constructed as a Ferris wheel for the 1964–1965 New York World’s Fair. Since then, it’s been decommissioned and simply serves as an ogle-worthy roadside attraction.This monstrous tire is strong enough to withstand hurricane winds and 11-foot-long, 250-pound nails. Yes, that’s correct. 11-foot-long, 250-pound nails. And there’s proof. In 1998, to show just how tough the Tiger Paw NailGard tire really is, Uniroyal punctured the tire with a nail of those proportions, which holds its own “world’s biggest” title. The tire managed to survive the damage and is still towering over I-94 in Michigan.


1. The Most Bizarre Tire Fun – Chicken, Alaska

Again, not a typo. There really is a town named Chicken, Alaska. Don’t believe me? Head over to their official website.The tire fun, depending on your definition of fun, comes in the form of The Wild Tire Ride. To take part, you get inside a giant tractor tire, let someone push you down a nearby hill toward the local airport, and try to break the record. What record, you ask? Rolling as far as possible before losing your lunch (which in all likelihood will consist of chicken). The record currently stands at about a quarter of a mile. Although, for the sake of my journalistic integrity, I have to admit that this record cannot be confirmed.

Only in America.

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