Apple or Android?

Earlier this year Las Vegas was the host of the International Consumer Electronics Show. CES is a top event that hosts everything from 140+ new start-up companies to 78% of Fortune 100 companies.

Something that caught my ear was a radio segment on NPR that aired on January 6 regarding smartphones and your cars.

Google is launching an alliance with automakers around its Android mobile operating system to establish standards for how smartphones interacts with vehicles. This could give hands-free a whole new meaning. Just imagine walking up to your car and your phone automatically syncs with it, doing everything from reading your latest emails aloud to directing you to the gas station with the best price. This comes after Apple announced its own standard last June that would integrate the iOS experience into a vehicle’s in-dash system.

In addition to all the different vehicle varieties already available—sedan or coupe, 2-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive—you might find yourself having to decide between Apple or Android.

And if that isn’t enough to get you day dreaming about driving, there were also tech companies working on having your back up cam on your rearview mirror!