April Fools’ Car Pranks

April Fools’ Day can be gimmicky and many pranksters can be overzealous in the pranks they pull. In many ways, modern April Fools’ Day jokes have jumped the shark. Companies worldwide devise clever campaigns just to get noticed for the most ridiculously obvious unrealistic jokes to get their product recognized. Hey, I’m not knocking it; any publicity is still publicity.

This April Fools’ Day, RightTurn.com is here to help you with some lowbrow car pranks that are fun, safe, and harmless.

Shrink-Wrapped Car

This one is pretty simple. Find your friend’s car and at the most opportune time, shrink-wrap it until it looks like spider silk! When they come around the corner to see their car covered with no easy way to get in, they might not be pleased, but the fun is just beginning. It might take only ten minutes to get it cleared, but they’ll remember it forever. My only bit of advice, don’t do it on a school/work day. Making them late will ruin the joke!

Pro Tip: Shrink-wrap their car to a lamppost or parking meter for extra fun effect.

Hide the Car

Obviously, this prank is meant for people who live and own cars together. When they go to sleep, sneak out to move the car to a close, safe location. Then sit back and see the look on their face when they grab their keys from where they normally keep them only to find their car isn’t where they left it! This is a great one to record to see their panicked reaction. They literally look foolish! Which is the point, isn’t it?

Fake Accident Note

Another great way to get your best friends in a flustered mess for our own personal enjoyment is to pretend their car was in a minor accident. The best part is the confusion while reading the note and then seeing them examine the car from all angles only to see zero visible damage. Best yet is that you could write a very strange note. Like this:

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you of my regrettable mistake as a new driver. I was under the impression that I had much more room to pull out of my parking space and as it turns out, I most certainly did not. And I reckon I’ve dinged your vehicle. And believe me, I feel just terrible about it. So it is with great sadness that I now understand you’ll need to have the dent repaired, and with no monetary assistance from me since I do not have insurance. In fact, I do not have a license. How unfortunate for you. A shame really. At any rate, I hope your vehicle is drivable. At least enough to get to the mechanic. Good day.

At this point, it’s up to you at any point to let them in on the joke. I prefer to let them go a while. Even as far as driving and listening for noises.

Broken Window

Potentially my favorite prank of all time, car or otherwise. I recently had my window broken for real and it’s no picnic. I wish it had only been a prank (even though cleanup isn’t the most fun thing in the world). But that’s part of the pranking business. Here is another stealth-like process where you get the keys to your friend’s car and cleverly roll down the window, but sprinkle some fake broken glass around the car. If you want to take this to the next level, and for repeatability, make some sugar glass. It’s one of the greatest easy pranks to do at home.


We don’t advise actually using real glass; that would make you the fool! Look how real sugar glass looks anyway:

Rainbow Windshield

This prank could actually brighten up someone’s day! Well, until cleanup time. Shout out to artist Helmut Smits for coming up with this more pleasant rainbow windshield prank, even though that might not have been his initial intention. But by placing washable paint in the color of the rainbow on the windshield wiper like this:

Your mark will see a glorious rainbow appear once they flip the wipers on. But don’t use real paint! Again, don’t be a fool and ruin things for the people you care about. Be smart about it!

This April Fools’ Day is the perfect time to take life a little less serious and perform some car April Fools’ pranks. Use one of these and record it for us! We want to see! And who knows — maybe your friends have a prank planned for you, too!