Dan Davis

Dan Davis

I love almost anything that has wheels and burns fossil fuels, with the lone exception being my snow blower. Why? Because I’m a car enthusiast, and if I’m blowing snow that means I likely won’t be doing any spirited driving (well, maybe a few parking lot donuts). I’m an amateur racer and performance driving coach with the Porsche Club of America, and have worked with programs that teach teens advanced driving skills to make them better, safer drivers. All of which means that I love tires and understand that how they roll plays a big role in making sure we get home safely, whether it’s from a quick trip to the corner store, a weekend at the racetrack or a cross-country adventure. So come along for the ride, and I’ll give you my perspective on why tires are the most important performance and safety feature on your vehicle. And BTW, you may notice that I’m the only RightTurn.com blogger whose name doesn’t start with a J. I wonder if I should change my name from “Dan” to “Jan…”

You can reach Dan at ddavis@dealertire.com.

Don’t Over Pack the Back!

Does your teen driver’s vehicle ever look like the occupants are trying to break a world record for cramming the most people into a car? If so, then it’s time to talk to your teen about the dangers of driving with too many people or things in the vehicle. Too Many Teen Passengers Studies by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have shown that more fatal teen driver crashes occur … Continue reading

Happy Holidays from RightTurn

December comes chock full of so many great holidays. What do cars and holidays have to do with each other? It turns out that there’s a lot that you can do with your automobile to celebrate the season. RightTurn has some ideas for you to keep that spark ignited between you and your car throughout the holidays. Decorate Your Car for Christmas Holiday car decorations are a great way to … Continue reading

The Lost Art of Driving a Manual Transmission

There once was a time when a manual transmission–a three on the tree or a four on the floor–was known as a “standard” transmission. That’s because the “stick shift” was the basic transmission offered on every vehicle, while an automatic transmission was an expensive option. But the number of vehicles offered for sale with a manual transmission has been declining in the U.S., particularly in the last decade. In 2006, … Continue reading

No Need to See a Blind Spot

A friend’s daughter recently failed her driver’s license test because she didn’t look over her left shoulder to check the “blind spot” while merging onto the interstate. She pleaded with her instructor that her side-view mirror was adjusted properly so that she didn’t have a blind spot and thus didn’t need to look over her shoulder, but he didn’t buy it. Unfortunately, that examiner was probably like the vast majority … Continue reading

5 Amazing Car Apps

If you love your car and your smartphone, what could be better than apps that enhance your driving/ownership experience? We recently told you about some great apps that help you navigate traffic. With that in mind, here are five amazing car-related apps that will add add to your car and smartphone enjoyment. Gas Buddy Gas prices seem to fluctuate even more than my weight during the holidays. It’s not unusual … Continue reading

Procrastination is Bad for Your Ride

It’s easy to put off today what can be done tomorrow…or the day after that, particularly when it comes to maintaining a vehicle. After all, who among us wouldn’t rather go out for dinner or buy some new clothes or audio gear rather than spend hard-earned money on an oil change or new tires or brakes? But there’s a price to be paid for delaying your vehicle’s maintenance. As the … Continue reading

Women, Wheels and Equality

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day, which commemorates the 97th anniversary of the enactment of the 19th Amendment that granted women the right to vote. Our country’s history is filled with women who’ve made big contributions to the automotive industry and served as inspirations to those who followed. Here’s a quick look at five women who currently have big roles in the automotive world and, like their predecessors, serve as mentors … Continue reading

Good Passengers Make Better Drivers

There’s a myriad of ways to be distracted while driving, including: Talking on the phone Texting Singing loudly and proudly to a favorite song Eating food Reading the newspaper (yes, I’ve seen this!) Adjusting the heat/AC/sound system/navigation Trying to make the kids behave in the back seat Applying lipstick, eyeliner or other makeup Brushing hair and putting it into a ponytail (at highway speeds) Shaving with an electric razor (been … Continue reading

How to Hold the Steering Wheel; Keep Those Hands at 9 and 3

When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, are you a hooker? No, it’s not what you think! A hooker is someone who hooks his hand up under the top of the steering wheel, like in the photo above. This is a bad habit to get into because it severely limits your range of motion and steering control, allowing you to move the steering wheel only a quarter of … Continue reading

Sharing the Road with Big Rigs

If you ever get a little nervous when driving a vehicle, you may have vehophobia, or fear of driving. If driving a two ton vehicle is unsettling, imagine what it must be like for a truck driver who’s steering a 40-ton, 18-wheeled big rig. Add in the other difficulties that go with the job, and it’s no wonder that a trucker’s life can be so stressful. One of the biggest stresses … Continue reading