Dan Davis

Dan Davis

I love almost anything that has wheels and burns fossil fuels, with the lone exception being my snow blower. Why? Because I’m a car enthusiast, and if I’m blowing snow that means I likely won’t be doing any spirited driving (well, maybe a few parking lot donuts). I’m an amateur racer and performance driving coach with the Porsche Club of America, and have worked with programs that teach teens advanced driving skills to make them better, safer drivers. All of which means that I love tires and understand that how they roll plays a big role in making sure we get home safely, whether it’s from a quick trip to the corner store, a weekend at the racetrack or a cross-country adventure. So come along for the ride, and I’ll give you my perspective on why tires are the most important performance and safety feature on your vehicle. And BTW, you may notice that I’m the only RightTurn.com blogger whose name doesn’t start with a J. I wonder if I should change my name from “Dan” to “Jan…”

You can reach Dan at ddavis@dealertire.com.

don't distract your driver

Good Passengers Make Better Drivers

There’s a myriad of ways to be distracted while driving, including: Talking on the phone Texting Singing loudly and proudly to a favorite song Eating food Reading the newspaper (yes, I’ve seen this!) Adjusting the heat/AC/sound system/navigation Trying to make the kids behave in the back seat Applying lipstick, eyeliner or other makeup Brushing hair and putting it into a ponytail (at highway speeds) Shaving with an electric razor (been … Continue reading

how to hold the steering wheel

How to Hold the Steering Wheel; Keep Those Hands at 9 and 3

When you get behind the wheel of your vehicle, are you a hooker? No, it’s not what you think! A hooker is someone who hooks his hand up under the top of the steering wheel, like in the photo above. This is a bad habit to get into because it severely limits your range of motion and steering control, allowing you to move the steering wheel only a quarter of … Continue reading

big rig safety

Sharing the Road with Big Rigs

If you ever get a little nervous when driving a vehicle, you may have vehophobia, or fear of driving. If driving a two ton vehicle is unsettling, imagine what it must be like for a truck driver who’s steering a 40-ton, 18-wheeled big rig. Add in the other difficulties that go with the job, and it’s no wonder that a trucker’s life can be so stressful. One of the biggest stresses … Continue reading

Brides Guide

A Bride’s Guide to Insuring Her Ride

September and October are the most popular months for weddings in the U.S. also among the worst months for vehicle accidents. A coincidence? Likely so. As we head into the dog days of summer, thousands of brides-to-be will be busy going over last-minute details for their fall weddings. And while most of the items on a wedding checklist have big dollar signs attached to them, there’s one money-saving item that should be … Continue reading

100 deadliest days

Summertime: The 100 Deadliest Days of Driving for Teens

Imagine if there was a disease in the United States that was killing 10 teens every day. It would no doubt be a trending topic on social media and a leading story on every major news network, and our political leaders would promise to pour money and resources into fighting the killer. Unfortunately, something is killing teens in record numbers in this country, yet few people are talking about it. Worse … Continue reading