Jeffrey Faehnle

Originally hailing from the Cleveland, Ohio region, I joined RightTurn as a writer in 2011. Between my time being raised in Cleveland and my current position working in Cleveland, I’ve traveled, worked, and studied around the globe. From all of my experiences, I’ve developed a unique outlook on life that I bring to everything I do, including my work with RightTurn. I was the type of person who looked at my car as basically a fancy stereo system on wheels. A to B with some music was all that mattered to me. I even used to put used tires on it. Until I started working at RightTurn, that is. It was then that I started to learn how important every last piece and part of my car is. Especially the tires. Now that I’ve become enlightened in the ways of the auto, I’m doing my favorite thing to do with new knowledge: sharing it.

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Kumho Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight: Kumho

A good way to understand Kumho Tire is through a message from the current CEO, Kim Chang-Kyu. His statement to customers provides a glimpse into the company’s overall philosophy: “We will place the top priority on quality and environment to move the hearts of customers.” In other words, Kumho’s targets are quality products, environmental friendliness, and harnessing the customers’ love of driving. Those targets have been the aim for Kumho since … Continue reading

Brand Spotlight: Toyo Tires

Seventy years ago in Japan, Rikimatsu Tomihisa saw an opportunity to provide the world with better tires. As a result, he founded Toyo Tire & Rubber Company. Out of the Ashes After two companies’ manufacturing plants were completely destroyed by Allied bombs during World War II, they cooperated to rebuild and form a new company. Those companies were Toyo Rubber Industrial and Hirano Rubber Manufacturing. Together they successfully reestablished their … Continue reading

General Tires

Brand Spotlight: General Tire

During the 1910s and 1920s, competition was stiff in the relatively new automobile tire industry. Especially in Akron, Ohio. General Tire fought through the fierce competition after its founding in 1915 and is still making great tires today. A Focused Beginning The founders of General Tire, William F. O’Neil and Winifred E. Fouse, saw a business opportunity that led to early success. Instead of focusing on tires that would be … Continue reading

Dunlop tires

Brand Spotlight: Dunlop

Dunlop takes a lot of pride in its history. And for good reason. From its beginnings it was making the roads a safer place and helping win checkered flags. Born from a Tricycle In 1888, John Boyd Dunlop’s son was struck with a bad cold. His doctor prescribed him some exercise to help work out the illness. So John Jr. took to his tricycle. The rough roads of Belfast, Ireland … Continue reading

The World’s Most Expensive Car

As of August 14, the world has a new most expensive car ever to be sold at auction. Even though the sale was completed 3 months ago, nothing has come close to breaking the record in the meantime and nothing is expected to come close for some time. So how much did the new world’s most expensive car sell for? $38,115,000 No, there’s no decimal point missing in there. The car sold … Continue reading

The History of Goodyear

An Interesting Beginning Throughout history since the Industrial Revolution, there has been a distinct aim to improve manufacturing processes. The more efficient they are, the more money they can potentially make. So it seemed like a questionable idea to some when, in 1898, Frank A. Seiberling founded The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company in Akron, Ohio. Why? Akron is a landlocked town that at the time had limited railroad access. … Continue reading

“License and registration, please.”

“But, Officer, I wasn’t driving. My car was.” That might seem like an outlandish exchange, but with driverless cars becoming a reality, it might not be impossible in the near future. Especially because of new legislation popping up in states around the US. Driving Without a License While public opinion is still up in the air about autonomous vehicles, as you can see in this recent article on The Right … Continue reading

My Car Is Plenty Fast, But It’s So Slow

Upsettingly slow. And I’m not talking about how fast it can travel. I’m referring to its technological progression. I was asked an interesting question the other day that pertains to my gripe. That question: Why does my car have such bad data and communication technology even though it’s 1,000 times the size of my phone? When you think about it like that, it is a bit strange that our vehicles, … Continue reading

How Do You Feel About Driverless Cars?

Mot of us have seen The Jetsons and are still dreaming about steering flying cars on our way to cool intergalactic hangouts. But would you really be okay with that? A survey recently conducted by suggests that Americans might be hesitant with that. In fact, the survey says that driverless cars, which are a lot closer to reality than flying cars, are a hard concept for drivers in the … Continue reading

Mario in a Mercedes-Benz

I am by no means a gamer. But then there’s Mario Kart. I’ll play that for hours at a time. It’s been a favorite of countless gamers and non-gamers alike for years. Actually, almost all of the games in the Mario Brothers franchise are loved by hardcore joystick heads and casual, random-button-mashing game players like me. Over the years, we’ve seen Mario sporting magical fireball overalls, wearing a penguin suit, riding … Continue reading