Jenn Prochaska

I had no idea just how important tires are until I started working for RightTurn's parent company. You see, I'm not a tire-expert-turned-writer but rather a writer-turned-tire-expert. I love writing about tires, I really do. Why? Because I'm on a crusade, a mission, if you will, to spread the word about the impact tires have on performance and safety.

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Loving Our Online Customer Service

What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Do you have a hot date? Me neither. (I’m married.) Maybe you should check out your tires to see if you need new ones! Hey, what better way to show love than to love yourself enough to make sure you’re safe on the roads. No? It was just a thought. For our part, this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to shine the spotlight of … Continue reading

What is Black Ice?

The key to driving on black ice is to do the opposite of your initial reaction. Don’t hit the brakes! When we’re driving, and we encounter dangerous situations, our initial reaction is to instantly stop, but in the case of ice, slamming on the brakes will only make the situation worse. Instead, remove your foot from the gas pedal, which will help slow you down as the car glides over … Continue reading

How to Make the Ultimate Winter Survival Kit

Don’t be scared by that headline! Putting together the ultimate winter survival kit isn’t all that hard — and it just might save your life. You might be asking yourself “do I need a winter survival kit?” Yes! All drivers need a winter car survival kit. Being stranded isn’t only possible in Alaska. Remember the Atlanta 2014 ice storm? People were stuck in their cars for 12+ hours! image credit … Continue reading

Preventing Snow Damage

For those of us who are starting to experience true winter luxuries such as freezing temperatures, snow and ice, preventing snow damage becomes crucial. Let’s look at the ways that snow can damage your car — and what you can do about it. Preventative Winter Maintenance The most cost-effective and efficient way to prepare your vehicle for winter is to take it to your local dealership. There they can test … Continue reading

Winterizing Your Car: From the Basics to the Advanced

For those of us who are starting to experience true winter luxuries such as freezing temperatures, snow, and ice, winterizing your car, van, or truck becomes even more crucial. We’re presuming that you’re already making sure to get regular oil changes, alignments, etc. We should all be doing that regardless of season. Winterizing Your Car: Preparation Basics First let’s start with the three of the basics. Most of us probably know … Continue reading

How to Check Tire Pressure

We talk about it a lot here at because it’s important. Let’s review the what, where, when, why & how of tire pressure. What is Tire Pressure? In simple terms, tire pressure measures the amount of air in your tires. Why Tire Pressure is Important. Too little air, and your tire will go flat. Too much air, and your tire can explode! Either is bad. Underinflated tires also have … Continue reading

Enter to Win Free Tires or a $1,100 Gift Card!

Tis the season! Gift-buying season that is. While you’re busy buying gifts for others, would like to help give you a gift! We’ll show you how to get free tires! All you have to do is invite Artie over for some holiday fun. Now through December 15, enter Artie’s Holiday Sweepstakes for a chance to win the Grand Prize of $1,100 Visa® Gift Card or a set of four … Continue reading

Teen Drivers: What is a Good First Car?

I still remember getting my first car. A Buick. A big, sturdy, blue Buick. I loved that car. While you’d think I’d want a “cooler” vehicle (hey, there’s a reason Buick’s latest ad campaign centered around not your father’s Buick), I was perfectly happy with my Century because it was big and sturdy. I felt safe. It was a good first car. Safety and teenagers is an important topic. We … Continue reading

lumbar support for car

Is Driving a Pain in Your Back?

Back pain. Some of us know it all too well. Because driving requires such concentration, suffering back pain while driving is not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. I did some research and found some helpful solutions. But before I go on, please know that this is by no means meant to be a replacement for a visit to the doctor’s office. Only your doctor can properly diagnose and assess. … Continue reading

Drive Kind on World Smile Day

Today marks World Smile Day®! The hope is that we perform acts of kindness, something that will make someone else smile. Let’s talk about this in terms of our driving personality. Are you someone who easily gets all worked up on the road? Sure, most of the time it’s justifiable but at the same time, isn’t it simply continuing to spread anger? Today was started to bring joy. And really, … Continue reading