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I had no idea just how important tires are until I started working for RightTurn's parent company. You see, I'm not a tire-expert-turned-writer but rather a writer-turned-tire-expert. I love writing about tires, I really do. Why? Because I'm on a crusade, a mission, if you will, to spread the word about the impact tires have on performance and safety.

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road trip quiz

What Kind of Road Warrior Are You? Take Our Road Trip Quiz!

Take our road trip quiz to find out what kind of road warrior you are. That’s right — Road. Warrior. That’s what I’m calling all of you who get into your car, van, SUV, CUV, truck, or whatever and drive in the name of vacation. Whether you’re venturing out on a family road trip or a solo jaunt, it’s a lot of work! Even when you want to head to … Continue reading

car maintenance checklist

Car Maintenance Checklist: 3 Simple Items

Have you ever stopped to think what your vehicle really wants? Probably not. But that’s ok because we do. What your car really wants is be cared for. Fall is a time of change, after all, for most of us. It’s a time to clean out the summer fun and prepare for wintery magic. An end-of-summer car maintenance checklist, if you will. Plus it’s just a good way to remember … Continue reading

car movies for kids

5 Car Movies for Kids

We love our movies here at and have written about some of the best car and tire-related ones. Now that I have a toddler, however, we watch family friendly movies on a regular basis. And I love it! There are some great car movies for kids out there. Let’s take a look. Cars I don’t believe you can do any better than the now-classic Disney Cars movie. Released in … Continue reading

back to school

Teen Driving Safety: Back to School!

It’s that time of year again! I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed is filled with beautiful pictures of all the kiddos heading back to school. As is our norm here at RightTurn, we like to talk back to school safety. This year, however, we are going to focus on teen driving safety. Why? Because according to the CDC, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death … Continue reading

driving in the sun

Tips for Driving in the Sun

Recently, I gave you some tips for driving in the rain. Now let’s talk about driving in the sun. Sun glare can make driving visibility just as bad as rain can, if not worse, because your eyes can only handle so much. Wear sunglasses Normal sunglasses will work just fine, but the best sunglasses for driving are polarized sunglasses because they can help further reduce glare. Use your sun visor … Continue reading

how long do tires last

How Long Do Tires Last?

Excellent question! There’s a simple answer and a more realistic answer. In general, new tires last around 60,000 miles, so if the average driver drives 15,000 miles a year, they’ll last roughly four years. But the more realistic answer depends on several factors. First let’s lay down some basic facts. All tires wear down as you drive on them. Treadwear defines how fast they wear down. To measure this, we … Continue reading

driving in the rain

Driving in the Rain Safety:
Because They Don’t Make Rain Tires

While it’s true that many of us think of rain as a springtime worry, we also know that summer can bring its own dose of the wet stuff. I’m here in Cleveland, and one of the biggest perks of living in the Midwest is a summer thunderstorm. So much fun! Unless, of course, you’re driving. While “rain tires” don’t necessarily exist, the grooves in any tire are designed to remove … Continue reading

summer playlist

A Summer Playlist for Driving

There’s nothing better than a summer road trip with friends and family. These sweet car-related tunes will spice up your trip and make upcoming trips more entertaining. And in this summer playlist, I reached back to my youth. I’m a child of the 80s. You’ve been warned! Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car – Billy Ocean Pink Cadillac – Natalie Cole Drive – The Cars Gimme All Your … Continue reading

summer tires

Summer Tires vs All-Season Tires

There are two key times of year for those of us who love tires. The first is when we change out our all-season or summer tires to winter and the second is when we switch our winter tires back to all-season or summer. Since it’s the second time of year, I thought it appropriate to revisit summer tires vs all-season tires. To really understand which tire is better, we need … Continue reading

mixing tires

Mixing Tires is (Generally) a Bad Idea

Is it ok to put different tires on your car or truck? Most people don’t realize how important their tires are to the safety of their vehicle. And to be honest, before I started working for, neither did I. That’s why this blog was started: to help educate everyone on why buying tires when you need them and from a tire retailer you can trust is so important. But … Continue reading