Quiz: How Bad of a Backseat Driver Are You?

Is backseat driving dangerous, or is it just a nuisance? Sometimes, the more eyes on the road, the better. But other times, backseat driver distractions can add up to cause car accidents. So, are you a backseat driver? And, no, we don’t mean literally driving from the backseat, though we’ve seen that happen, too. Take our five-question quiz below to find out! Instead of telling everyone else how to drive, … Continue reading

National Selfie Day

  After learning that June 21 is National Selfie Day, we got to thinking about all the awesome selfies that are possible with cars—especially the famous, one-of-a-kind vehicles that you might see cruising the streets of Los Angeles or Manhattan. But then we also thought of the dangers of selfies when cars are involved. Here’s our thought process. Selfie-Worthy Automobiles and Their Stars It’s no secret that celebrities have the … Continue reading

Car Detailing: Why, How Often & More (Thinking of DIY Car Detailing? Read This First)

Getting ‘the works’ at your local car wash and vacuuming up your toddler’s animal crackers from under the seats will get you an ‘E’ for effort when it comes to car maintenance. In fact, you’ll need to invest in a more ‘detailed’ approach to automotive care if you want to keep your car in excellent condition—that is, you’ll need car detailing. Regular Car Washes vs. Professional Auto Detailing Most car … Continue reading

#DealershipLove — 4 Reasons RightTurn Customers ❤️ Dealers

Dealers and RightTurn go way back. And expert installation at a dealership is one of the main benefits of RightTurn.com for tire shoppers. But many people don’t know that dealers sell tires, or that they offer unique benefits that other tire shops don’t. So this May, we took a moment to help shine a light on a few of the things RightTurn customers love about auto dealers on social media. … Continue reading

Take Our Tire Test: When, Why, and How to Replace Your Tires

At some point in your future of driving, you will more than likely need to purchase new tires. From making sure that your tire’s tread can grip the road like it should to figuring out how big that tire should be, there’s a lot to know about automotive tires to be able to replace them properly. Test your knowledge now. Then read on below to learn more. Where can you … Continue reading

How Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Future of Transportation?

It’d be an understatement to say that there’s been a lot of debate about the safety of self-driving cars lately. People have been dreaming about cars that can drive themselves for a long time—probably since the very first automobile accident happened. But we can also foresee some possible risks and drawbacks to this technology. Can autonomous vehicles make moral decisions? Most computer programmers would agree that encoding human morals and … Continue reading

National Pet Month: Car Safety

In light of it being National Pet Month, we’d like to discuss dog car safety. Pets are like children for many of us, but often we don’t think to protect them in the same ways. The laws pertaining to transporting dogs are nowhere near as strict, either—it falls on us as individuals to use our best judgment. Following are some ways that you can—and should—protect your pets when traveling with them. … Continue reading

What’s Driving New Technology in the Auto Industry?

Modern automobiles have come a long way in recent years when it comes to autonomous safety features and adaptive driving capabilities. Whereas power door locks and windows were a pretty big deal just 20 years ago, automotive technology continues to outpace itself. Compared to the following five innovations, however, even the back-up cameras and anti-collision braking systems of today can be considered to be rather low-tech. Self-Driving Systems In literal … Continue reading

What Do You Look For When Buying a New Car?

No matter what your reason is for needing a new automobile, finding the make, model, and features to suit your needs is only half the battle. It’s not all horsepower and handbrakes—the process of buying a car can be intimidating with a lot of numbers, negotiating, and paperwork involved. But as they say, the pen is mightier than the sword! Here are a few tips for buying a car to … Continue reading

Safety First—5 Best Practices for Safe Driving

Whoever said that there’s safety in numbers surely wasn’t thinking about rush hour traffic. In fact, the best recipe for a safe drive involves few other cars on the road, zero distractions while driving, and the avoidance of dangerous driving habits altogether. Since it’s unlikely that you’ll always drive in light traffic, however, steering clear of hazardous, illegal, and negligent driving behaviors as detailed below is all the more important. … Continue reading