Kristina Ballard

I’m a college student going to school in Massachusetts, who loves to run, has a pet bird named Cinnamon — and this summer, I’m interning with RightTurn. Truth be told, beyond the basic facts that they’re black, round, and necessary for a car, I don’t know all that much about tires. Sure, I could tell you that some are used for snow, you need to check their pressure, and I’ve heard the term “all-season” thrown around every now and then by my dad, but that’s about it. So, if you’re like me and the technicalities of tires and tire buying are foreign to you, check out my blog posts to learn with me.

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Setting the Record Straight on 3 Common Car Service Myths

Pretty recently a friend of mine showed me this article from The Wall Street Journal that I thought would be absolutely perfect to share with you all here. The article takes a look at some of the most common myths related to car servicing and clarifies what’s true and what’s not. So, here goes: 1. Independent repair shops are always less expensive than dealer service departments. According to the article, more … Continue reading

Tales of Toyota

Established in 1937, Toyota has enjoyed over 75 years of tremendous success and has developed into one of the most prominent car manufacturers worldwide. I actually even have a pretty memorable personal connection to Toyota: the first car I ever drove by myself was a Toyota Prius. It was a very exciting moment! With Toyota’s successful past and bright future, I thought it would be fun and interesting to look back … Continue reading

Like Food? Live in Dallas? Learn About Our Top 5 Food Trucks Here!

From Tex-Mex to classic BBQ to tasty desserts, Dallas definitely has the food truck scene covered. So if you live in the DFW area and are looking for something new to try, check out the list below of RightTurn’s top five food trucks! 1. OinknMoo BBQ: Well it wouldn’t be Texas without some old-fashioned BBQ, and OinknMoo BBQ is just the place for that. OinknMoo takes their BBQ quite seriously, believing … Continue reading

Jaguar Land Rover Just Bought 543 What? Find Out Here.

Sparkling green countryside, dramatic grey skies, and Bond—James Bond. This is what comes to mind when I think of Jaguar and I must admit this vision of mine is heavily influenced by the most recent Bond movie, Skyfall, in which Bond at one point zips around in a gorgeous Jaguar XJ (with Bond looking quite gorgeous himself). Alas, the point of this post is not my infatuation with James Bond … Continue reading

Hungry? Read About Our Top 5 CLE Food Trucks Here!

I’ll be the first to admit it—I love to chow down. Getting a bite to eat and catching up with friends is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. And one of the hottest ways to do so in Cleveland is right up RightTurn’s alley: food trucks. There are so many options for fresh, fun, and local food! Here’s my top 5 suggestions for food trucks in the Cleveland area. 1. … Continue reading

Own a Discontinued Vehicle? Read This.

Not too long ago, back when I was in middle school, Hummers were the car to have. I remember thinking the first time I went with my friend and her dad in their Hummer that anyone passing by might think that my family was the one with the sweet car. But eventually times changed and soon Hummers weren’t so hot anymore. In fact, following the recession beginning in 2007, Hummer … Continue reading

Backup Cameras Become Standard By…

I remember the first time I ever got in a car that had a backup camera. It was my friend’s Lexus and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. I waited a long time to get my driver’s license and before getting it I was always nervous at the thought of being behind the wheel by myself. Most of all I dreaded the day when I would have to … Continue reading

Wash Me! Cleveland Car Wash Review.

You know when you see those cars that have “wash me” written through the dust and dirt caked on the windows and sides of the car? Well, it sure is a lot more fun to see it written on other people’s cars than on your own. Looking at my own car and seeing that it was desperately screaming “wash me”, I decided to check out Cleveland Hot List of car … Continue reading

Pants of Panem

I have to admit that after seeing The Hunger Games for the first time, I wore my hair in a side-braid like Katniss Everdeen for about a month. She is easily my favorite character—strong, feisty, and fearless. Though I’ll always be on Team Katniss, some new promotional posters that don’t feature Katniss have definitely caught my eye. The new batch of Hunger Games posters for the next movie, The Hunger … Continue reading

Back for the Summer

After a busy school year filled with studying, exams, and of course a little fun every now and then, I’m thrilled to be returning as an intern with RightTurn this summer! When I began my internship last summer, I truly knew the bare minimum about tires—they’re round, black, made of rubber, and get you where you want to go. However, throughout the course of my internship last summer I learned … Continue reading