Lara Schmida

My background doesn’t include writing — I’m a designer, so this bio will be corrected for punctuation, spelling, and definitely grammar. I’ve been with RightTurn for almost 2 ½ years and have learned a lot about tires. They’re no longer just round, black, and full of rubber…I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere. I came to realize how much I know and how eager I am to share my knowledge. Just ask my fiancé, he’s plenty tired of how much I talk about tires. (See what I did there?) Anyway, I’ve supplied a few topics to The Right Lane and decided it’s my turn to be in the spotlight, even if it means writing.

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Big Awesome Tread!

I’ve been writing for The Right Lane for a year! It’s been a great experience and opportunity to learn more about tires. Hopefully you’ have learned a lot too. My first article was about my favorite ones, but I don’t know that I ever shared my installation experience with you. In the spring, I took my Jeep back to the dealership, and thinking about it makes me happy because it’s … Continue reading

What’s in a name?

Your vehicle can be like your best friend—taking you on your first road trip, your first date, taking a loved one to an important event. Some people even end up delivering babies in the back seat! It’s no wonder that these machines hold a special place in our hearts, so much so that many of us give them names. I haven’t officially named my orange Jeep, although Creamsicle comes to … Continue reading

Tire Pressure? Who Cares?

With cold weather upon us, we should all be paying attention to our air pressure. A tire can lose one pound per square inch when the temperature drops 10º and losing as little as 5 psi can compromise safety. For more tire pressure info, check this out. But imagine never having to worry about your tire pressure again! Sounds like a dream come true, right? Bridgestone is trying to make … Continue reading

Changing a Flat

How many of you out there know how to change a flat tire? How many of you have actually changed that flat tire? How old were you when you learned? A U.S. News study shows that two thirds of teenagers don’t know how to change a flat tire. The study doesn’t talk about what the reasoning is. I’d like to think that the majority of adults are probably saying to … Continue reading

Gifts for Car Lovers

It’s that time of year again. Black Friday is upon us and holiday shopping has officially commenced. Your belly is probably happy with all the food you ate or upset with all the food you ate. Here are some ideas that can help you with those people in your life who might be too hard to shop for — the people who love cars. I’ve searched the Internet for a … Continue reading

Creative Wedding Vehicles

I just got married a little over two weeks ago. Jon and I aren’t traditional people so we didn’t do a lot of traditional wedding things. We didn’t do a bouquet or garter toss. And I had two girls and two guys as my brides-people. As we were planning, I realized just how much traditional stuff we weren’t going to have to plan. Like how were we going to be … Continue reading

Super Creepy Cars

It’s that time of year again. Your house is decorated. You’ve carved a few pumpkins, or in my case, fed the squirrel living in our front tree. You’ve either picked out your kid’s costume, your costume or your pet’s costume…or all of the above. It’s also the time of year where TV channels and Netflix like to show the most creepy, scary movies. Usually there is a scary clown or … Continue reading

Funny & Wacky Helmets.

Everyone knows they should wear their seatbelt when riding in a car. In fact it’s the law here in Ohio. So it makes sense that everyone should wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle or scooter. I have a scooter. The thought of hitting my head while moving faster than a light jog kind of scares me. Concussions and brain damage scare me. I always wear my helmet. ALWAYS. … Continue reading

Happy Browns Monday!

Living in Cleveland, there’s one thing you must do at least once on a fall Sunday: tailgate for the Cleveland Browns. Tailgating is notorious for people drinking, running around, and being silly. Cleveland tailgaters don’t disappoint as far as that goes, but there are also some family-friendly options too. There is usually a section roped off where kids can play corn hole or throw a ball around without the threat … Continue reading

A Walk on the Wild Side of Car Design

A Walk on the Wild Side of Car Design Have you ever been sitting in traffic and your mind wanders to far-off places? Like a playground filled with cotton candy and cupcakes… Then you realize you’ve only moved 10 feet in the last 10 minutes. At this rate, you’d be better off walking to your destination. Then you think, “If only I could just teleport there” all Star Trek-style. No? … Continue reading