Lara Schmida

My background doesn’t include writing — I’m a designer, so this bio will be corrected for punctuation, spelling, and definitely grammar. I’ve been with RightTurn for almost 2 ½ years and have learned a lot about tires. They’re no longer just round, black, and full of rubber…I’m sure there’s a joke in there somewhere. I came to realize how much I know and how eager I am to share my knowledge. Just ask my fiancé, he’s plenty tired of how much I talk about tires. (See what I did there?) Anyway, I’ve supplied a few topics to The Right Lane and decided it’s my turn to be in the spotlight, even if it means writing.

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Do your ears hang low…

…do they wobble to and fro. That’s the song that played from the ice cream truck growing up in my neighborhood. Telling everyone that it’s summer time. Come out and play! It was always a race to track down the ice cream truck, to learn the route, and to make sure you had enough babysitting money to buy your favorite treat. The guys of Ice Cream Expedition are on a … Continue reading

10 Reasons for Being Late to Work

Are you ever late for work? What’s the craziest reason you’ve given? Was it real or fake? Here are some that I’ve heard recently. Some are legit and some are, well, not. Here are my Top 10. 10: Power Outage The power went out, and I couldn’t open my garage door to get out my car. 9: Fake Phone Call At my old job, I would walk in late on … Continue reading

Why I Don’t Lock My Car

I own a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport. When I was car shopping, I just knew that was the vehicle I wanted to own. See, back in my high school hay-days, I was lucky enough to have parents who knew I would need a car. But instead of buying some cheap sedan, they figured they’d kill two birds with one stone. They decided they would buy a third car. But this … Continue reading

Have You Caused an Accident?

Typically when I get behind the wheel, I have a little ritual I run through. Put seatbelt on, make sure my cargo is secure, get my phone out to map my route, and I usually turn on Pandora to my Justin Timberlake station. Then off I go, thinking very little that my trip will result in my safe arrival at my destination. I’m a huge proponent of no texting and … Continue reading

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

Squares, Circles, and Triangles. They are the building blocks for design. Not just graphic design, but for vehicles too. And that was the inspiration for the new Fiat Chrysler Automobiles logo. At the beginning of January, Fiat bought the remaining stake (41.46% to be exact) of Chrysler to become the owner of the company. What happened at the end of the month was the reveal of the new brand logo. … Continue reading

Apple or Android?

Earlier this year Las Vegas was the host of the International Consumer Electronics Show. CES is a top event that hosts everything from 140+ new start-up companies to 78% of Fortune 100 companies. Something that caught my ear was a radio segment on NPR that aired on January 6 regarding smartphones and your cars. Google is launching an alliance with automakers around its Android mobile operating system to establish standards … Continue reading

Tires vs Reptiles

Not many people have a favorite tire. But I do. Not for the reasons you think. Not for tread life, not for comfort or even fuel efficiency…nope, none of those. The reason I have a favorite tire is because it reminds me of one of my favorite artists – M.C. Escher. You might know him best for his impossible constructions or Reptiles, shown below. My favorite tire is the BFGoodrich … Continue reading