The Best Car Alarm Security Systems for 2015

Most times people hear a car alarm and shrug it off. Even a passing car’s loud music can cause an alarm to go off. So what makes a car alarm good? Alarms of today are much more sophisticated as complete systems that not only sound an alarm when disturbed, but also send details to your remote whether a window is broken or if someone is attempting to take your tires. From there, you can either disable the alarm or even kill the engine altogether.

The following list is a ranking of six aftermarket car alarms. They were ranked based on their performance and range on the following criteria: features, performance, and help & support. For each alarm system’s overall rating and full description, click here.

#6 ScyTek Precision Pro 500

#5 Pyle PWD501

#4 Crime Stopper SP-600

#3 Avital 3300

#2 Python 991

#1 Viper 5901

An average person spends around 100 minutes per day driving in the car. What I’m getting at is that you spend a lot of time in your car. No matter how annoying driving gets with traffic, potholes, and the occasional road rage encounter, you still love your car. Don’t let anyone steal your wheels.