Best Road Trip Songs — Apple Music Playlists with Songs about Driving

I’m a longtime Apple fan, so naturally I was excited about the recent launch of Apple Music. I’m loving it so far, and in honor of National Radio Day here’s a list of 24 Apple Music playlists for driving, featuring some of the best road trip songs and songs about driving.

Americana Road Trip Music

Americana Road Trip

“True to its name, Americana often reflects the qualities of the land itself. From alt-country originators Son Volt to the moody musings of singer/songwriter Joe Henry, these traveling tunes all evoke either a journey on the open road or specific stops along the way.” Listen Now ❯

Pop Road Trip Music

Spring Road Trip

“The warm, dewy feeling of a spring morning practically begs you to jump in the car and explore. Celebrate the end of winter with a road trip set to the euphoric tracks of acts like A Great Big World, Paramore and Future Islands.” Listen Now ❯

Famous Falsettos

“It’s a vocal trick that only the best of the best can pull off—a little maneuver that requires so much confidence and talent that only the greatest of the greats can master it. It’s a specialty of R&B vocalists, but in this playlist it pops up in doo-wop, Hawaiian serenades, and glam rock. So get ready to squeal with delight at this selection of high-pitched hits.” Listen Now ❯

Classic Rock Road Trip Music

Classic Rock Road Trip

“While you may want to resist the urge to whip out that air guitar, there’s nothing that says you can’t crank the tunes. With Tom Petty, ZZ Top, Deep Purple and The Who riding shotgun, these hard-driving anthems deserve to be turned up loud.” Listen Now ❯

Classic Rock Afternoon Drive

This collection of killer songs is your official soundtrack to the beauty of the open road. These tunes fro bands like Queen, Journey, Van Halen, and Foghat will cut through the thrum of wind blasting through your open windows and keep your spirits as high as your RPMs. Listen Now ❯

Indie Road Trip Music

Roam If You Want To

“Planning a getaway? Check out this road-worthy collection of indie hits and hidden gems featuring tracks by Beck, The Beta Band, Vampire Weekend, Best Coast and more. It’s the perfect soundtrack for getting behind the wheel jetting off in friendly skies, lounging by the pool, or just dreaming about all of the above.” Listen Now ❯

Alternative Routes

Listen Now ❯

Country Road Trip Music

Truck Drivin’ Classics

“The romance of the open road as seen through the eyes of a big-rig driver is about as timeless a country theme as you’ll come across. You don’t have to have known the highway life to appreciate a classic truck-drivin’ tune either: that’s borne out right here in a playlist that runs from ’60s star Dave Dudley to Jason Aldean.” Listen Now ❯

On the Road Again

“Classic country wasn’t made by homebodies. From originators like Hank Snow and Johnny Cash to Bakersfield barons Buck Owens and Merle Haggard, and all the way through to country-rock rebels The Flying Burrito Brothers, country has always had its share of road stories, whether they’re about four wheels, 8, or two feet and a thumb pointed in the right direction.” Listen Now ❯

Fastest Girl in Town

“Speed ain’t just for the boys. Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert have got your back, so roll down the windows, turn it up and hit the road in style.” Listen Now ❯

Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck: Country Pickup Truck Songs

“Country music and pickup trucks go together like… well, country music and pickup rucks. That said, it’s not surprising that the genre has more than its fair share of songs about tooling around back roads in a mud-spattered old 4X4, so if you’re looking for a little pick-me-up, try these tunes by Brooks & Dunn, Jason Aldean, Toby Keith, and Alan Jackson.” Listen Now ❯

Rock Road Trip Music

Road Trip Rock

“Whenever you’re on a long trip, the driving rhythms of these classics will keep your energy level at full throttle. From classic outfits like Queen and Van Halen to indie rock and alternative stars like Modest Mouse and R.E.M., these are the songs that will keep the whole car singing along.” Listen Now ❯

California Vibe

“Take a trip to the West Coast of your mind.” Listen Now ❯

Alternative Road Trip Music

Alternative Summer: ’90s

“Unlike its fun-loving ’80s counterpart, alt-rock got serious in the ’90s. Some acts like Nirvana and Radiohead doled out the angst, while others such as Pavement, Blur, and R.E.M. provided a witty counterpoint. Put it all together and you’ve got a well-rounded mix of highs and lows, not to mention melodies that are sure to stick with you all summer long.” Listen Now ❯

Behind the Wheel

“Hitting the road? Then you need this selection of driving beats to get your motor running. Featuring tracks from the alternative rock vaults of the ’80s, ’90s and ’00s, it’s a high-octane mix designed specifically to put gas in your tank.” Listen Now ❯

Alterna-Pop Ambassadors

“Christine and the Queens and Chaos Chaos and more turn out pop with an artful edge.” Listen Now ❯

Hop-Hop Road Trip Music

Ridin’ Shotgun

Listen Now ❯

Best of Compton Hip-Hop

“N.W.A. forced the mainstream to take notice of Compton in the late ’80s, casting it as a battleground for warring gangs. Against this blighted backdrop, a rich vein of hip-hop talent emerged. MC Eight and King Tee kept it funky in the early ’90s, The Game resurrected gangsta rap in the ’00s, and the ’10s saw Kendrick Lamar broadcasting his Black Hippy vibe from the city.” Listen Now ❯

Whip Appeal, Vol. 1

“Go deep into the mix of hip-hop and car culture with these rap tracks that take their titles from classic rides. Kevin the Dude, David Banner, and OutKast pay tribute to the Cadillac, while Wale and Lloyd Banks give it up for the Mercedes Benz. Then there’s the Bawse, increasing the stakes by rolling around in an Aston Martin.” Listen Now ❯

R&B Road Trip Music

Driving Down Memory Lane

“The kind of mix that’ll have you blasting the music while shouting “That was my JAM!” over the kick drums. Let Slick Rick, MC Lyte, and N.W.A remind you why this was the golden age of hip-hop. Classics are classics for a reason.” Listen Now ❯

Singer/Songwriter Road Trip Music

Singer/Songwriter Highlights 2015

“A selection of our favorite songwriters of the year.” Listen Now ❯

Hard Rock Road Trip Music

Hard Rock for the Road

“From ZZ Top to Foghat—this set of classic rock is perfectly calibrated for the open road.” Listen Now ❯

Metal Road Trip Music

Summer 2015 Metal Throwdown

“For true metalheads, the only way to relax is to turn summer into a celebration of total destruction. So go hard with old warriors and hungry newcomers, from Slayer and Lamb of God to The Devil Wears Prada.” Listen Now ❯

Soul/Funk Road Trip Music

Best of Stax Records

“Memphis-based Stax Records was the beating heart of the Southern soul scene in the ’60s, with artists like Otis Redding and Carla Thomas. In the racially divided South, Stax was a progressive anomaly with their integrated groups—including the labels’ house band, Booker T. & The MG’s. Isaac Hayes was an early songwriter for the label before launching his own career at the end of the decade.” Listen Now ❯

Out of all of these, by favorites are Spring Road Trip and Alternative Summer: ’90s. How about you?

(All playlist titles and descriptions created by Apple Inc.)