Big Awesome Tread!

I’ve been writing for The Right Lane for a year!

It’s been a great experience and opportunity to learn more about tires. Hopefully you’ have learned a lot too. My first article was about my favorite ones, but I don’t know that I ever shared my installation experience with you. In the spring, I took my Jeep back to the dealership, and thinking about it makes me happy because it’s a winter wonder-mess out there today.

So let’s go back in time, reminisce with me for a bit? It was a clear spring day when I had my dealer install my favorite tires. I’m not going to lie: my main motive was because they look super awesome, but my original tires were worn down. I needed new tires no matter what, so why not get the ones that make my Jeep look like a tough, off-roading monster — even if all I’ve done was drive over a curb or plow through a muddy puddle.

Here is my Jeep, with no wheels!

After a short time of mounting and balancing, my new wheels were on and ready to go. Not only do they look cool but they also handled much better than my 3-year-old tires!


Now I’m finally ready to go off-road, or, um, commute to and from work with new tread.