things to do in boson this weekend

RightTurn’s Road Trip Destinations Series: Massachusetts

This Memorial Day, we’re heading to the 6th state admitted to the union to find great things to do in Massachusetts and Boston this weekend. Massachusetts has rich patriotic history from the landing of the Mayflower to the American Revolution’s Boston Tea Party. So what better place to honor our fallen service members on Memorial Day than beautiful Massachusetts? Memorial Day is a time to remember those who died serving … Continue reading

tire knowledge

Take Our Tire Test: When, Why, and How to Replace Your Tires

At some point in your future of driving, you will more than likely need to purchase new tires. From making sure that your tire’s tread can grip the road like it should to figuring out how big that tire should be, there’s a lot to know about automotive tires to be able to replace them properly. Test your knowledge now. Then read on below to learn more. Where can you … Continue reading

self driving car regulations

How Will Self-Driving Cars Change the Future of Transportation?

It’d be an understatement to say that there’s been a lot of debate about the safety of self-driving cars lately. People have been dreaming about cars that can drive themselves for a long time—probably since the very first automobile accident happened. But we can also foresee some possible risks and drawbacks to this technology. Can autonomous vehicles make moral decisions? Most computer programmers would agree that encoding human morals and … Continue reading

moms taxi

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mom Taxi Moms!

With Mother’s Day speeding toward us, I felt it would be a good time to pump the brakes and give moms the love they deserve by recounting stories from RightTurn associates, letting our moms know exactly why they mean so much to us. As you grow older, you see more and more with every small act just how much you mean to your mom. But you can never truly pay … Continue reading

Kumho Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight: Kumho

A good way to understand Kumho Tire is through a message from the current CEO, Kim Chang-Kyu. His statement to customers provides a glimpse into the company’s overall philosophy: “We will place the top priority on quality and environment to move the hearts of customers.” In other words, Kumho’s targets are quality products, environmental friendliness, and harnessing the customers’ love of driving. Those targets have been the aim for Kumho since … Continue reading

dog car safety

National Pet Month: Car Safety

In light of it being National Pet Month, we’d like to discuss dog car safety. Pets are like children for many of us, but often we don’t think to protect them in the same ways. The laws pertaining to transporting dogs are nowhere near as strict, either—it falls on us as individuals to use our best judgment. Following are some ways that you can—and should—protect your pets when traveling with them. … Continue reading

new automotive technology

What’s Driving New Technology in the Auto Industry?

Modern automobiles have come a long way in recent years when it comes to autonomous safety features and adaptive driving capabilities. Whereas power door locks and windows were a pretty big deal just 20 years ago, automotive technology continues to outpace itself. Compared to the following five innovations, however, even the back-up cameras and anti-collision braking systems of today can be considered to be rather low-tech. Self-Driving Systems In literal … Continue reading

tips for buying a car

What Do You Look For When Buying a New Car?

No matter what your reason is for needing a new automobile, finding the make, model, and features to suit your needs is only half the battle. It’s not all horsepower and handbrakes—the process of buying a car can be intimidating with a lot of numbers, negotiating, and paperwork involved. But as they say, the pen is mightier than the sword! Here are a few tips for buying a car to … Continue reading

Best Car Accessories

Accessorize Your Car

People want to personalize everything these days. That’s no different when it comes to driving. According to the AAA Foundation, American drivers spend an average of 17,600 minutes behind the wheel each year, which is seven 40-hour weeks at the office! So with so much time being spent on the road, don’t you want your car to be your home away from home? Check out our list below for the … Continue reading


A High-Profile Company Making More Than Low-Profile Tires

Pirelli, like most modern tire manufacturers, didn’t start out making tires alone. But unlike most modern tire companies, Pirelli has been around for 140 years. So let’s take a look where Pirelli started and some of the highlights from its long history. Strong Foundations In 1872, a young engineer by the name of Giovanni Battista Pirelli started G.B. Pirelli & Company to make products out of rubber after the recent discovery … Continue reading