Why Buy Tires Online?

Some people may leap to the conclusion that buying tires online is messy, expensive, and a time suck, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The myths about buying tires online may deter people from even beginning the online search process to purchase new tires. Seems fair, right? Well, wait…not so fast.

Some people wonder if paying for shipping and then lugging them to a nearby shop for installation is worth the hassle at all. And with local salespeople trying to upsell you on tires you don’t need, you might feel like you’re stuck between a tire and a hard place. These concerns are legitimate and real. But what if I told you there was a fair, all-in-one price that included shipping to your personal dealership no matter where you live?

Online Vs. Local Shops

Regardless of where you live, RightTurn.com is the place to go for online tire orders that are quick, easy, and priced competitively. The difference in shopping online vs. locally is that RightTurn.com filters tires based on your car’s make and model, year, and driving habits, providing you with the best original equipment option and other comparable tires that can get the job done. At a local shop, you never know what they might suggest since they don’t ask the same questions. This personalized approach by RightTurn.com allows you to know you’re driving away with tires that are meant for you and your vehicle. What’s better than that?

 Online Ease

At RightTurn.com you can experience an easy and convenient shopping experience, thanks to personalized recommendations, fair and competitive prices, and hassle-free installation. At RightTurn.com you start by entering your tire size or vehicle. Then you answer a series of simple questions about annual mileage, weather you encounter, and your typical driving habits. Then you are presented with the best options based on your filter of price, brand, or warranty. With tire manufacturer promotions running periodically, RightTurn.com also lets you know what specials are currently being offered, so you can save even more! Finally, easily schedule your appointment. Your tires will be sent straight to your dealership, which means no lugging heavy and awkward tires all over town; all you have to do is show up to the dealership you choose to have them installed.

Why Buy Tires Online?

Because we’re fair. RightTurn.com’s all-in-one price has no hidden costs and includes the following:

  • Your Tires
  • Shipping
  • Convenient Scheduling
  • Mount & Balance
  • Road Hazard Coverage

Other online retailers might have the tires you’re looking for, but not the tires you need. RightTurn.com won’t let you purchase the wrong tires for your car. Retailers also tend to have high shipping costs in addition to the installation costs you accrue once you pack up your tires and drive them to a nearby shop, nullifying your savings. At RightTurn.com, we don’t want you to buy our tires; we want you to buy your tires, the ones right for you. And we’ll help you get there one step at a time.