Can Tires Charge a Car’s Battery?

Yes, if Goodyear has anything to say about it. Earlier this month at the Geneva Motor Show, they unveiled the Goodyear tire of the future — the BHO3.

This concept aims to not only collect the energy generated by the tire as it rolls while you drive but also when parked: textured patches on the tire absorb heat and light from the sun, producing additional energy when the car is idle. Goodyear sees this as an answer to help support the electric cars that are no doubt going to increase in ubiquity. As we know, one of the biggest stumbling blocks to driving an electric car is its range.

A normal tire is a complex piece of technology, and these Goodyear tires would maximize its construction in a way never before seen. I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for more information! We’ll share as we get it.