Car cup holders

From Car Cup Holders to Kickstarter—A Beverage Day Tangent

So it’s Beverage Day, apparently. Sure, it’s a fake, made-up holiday with no real history or purpose. But it got me thinking about the relationship between beverages and cars.

So many of us bring drinks along when we hop into the car—a cup of Starbucks on the way to work, a bottle of water for a road trip, a protein shake before the gym, or even a jumbo-sized 100 oz. plastic mug full of Diet Mountain Dew (with a splash of regular for flavor).

I wondered how long the cup holder had been included in vehicle interiors. (not that my 100 oz. Dt. Dew fits in a cup holder). And I learned that it took a while for car cup holders to catch on.

Early automobiles didn’t have anywhere near the cushy suspension that today’s sedans do, and the roads themselves were rough and turbulent. A recipe for disaster if you don’t want your beverage of choice to end up on your lap or the floor.

But a stationary car was stable enough to rest a beverage upon. Enter drive-in theaters and restaurants. I still remember going to A&W with my mom when I was a kid, where they hooked a little tray to the partly lowered driver’s window and loaded it up with hot dogs, fries, and root beer floats. Man, those floats were good. My mouth is watering.

People took the tray idea and created plastic cup holders that attached to car doors, but you can imagine the messes that ensued when people forgot about their drinks and slammed a door shut.

Today’s car cup holder has come along way from such primitive designs. But have we slurped ourselves into complacency? Are today’s cup holders still not good enough? Maksimatic thinks so, and they have a solution to all our car cup holder quandaries.

It’s the Maksimatic Universal Cup Holder, AKA the Maksimatic Bullet, and it’s “the world’s most innovative, spill-preventing cup holder.” It uses centrifugal force to swivel gyroscopically, allowing a cup to lean into turns and prevent spills. The holder itself looks a little bulky, but the swivel action is pretty smooth. Check it out.

Whatchya think? If you want one, you can back the project at Kickstarter here:

So that’s the tangent that Beverage Day sent me on. What do you think about Beverage Day? What’s your favorite beverage for car rides? How satisfied are you with your car cup holders?