What Trended in 2016 — A Look Back

2016 was a year that many people can’t wait to forget. And yes, plenty of unfortunate things happened, but there were also some memorable things that kept our interest. But when it comes to trends, especially on the Internet, videos and articles just make the rounds. It seems everyone sees the latest trends. Even my parents asked me what color that dress was and for a moment I was like, … Continue reading

Why Buy Tires Online?

Some people may leap to the conclusion that buying tires online is messy, expensive, and a time suck, especially if you don’t know what you’re looking for. The myths about buying tires online may deter people from even beginning the online search process to purchase new tires. Seems fair, right? Well, wait…not so fast. Some people wonder if paying for shipping and then lugging them to a nearby shop for … Continue reading

lumbar support for car

Is Driving a Pain in Your Back?

Back pain. Some of us know it all too well. Because driving requires such concentration, suffering back pain while driving is not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. I did some research and found some helpful solutions. But before I go on, please know that this is by no means meant to be a replacement for a visit to the doctor’s office. Only your doctor can properly diagnose and assess. … Continue reading

Drive Kind on World Smile Day

Today marks World Smile Day®! The hope is that we perform acts of kindness, something that will make someone else smile. Let’s talk about this in terms of our driving personality. Are you someone who easily gets all worked up on the road? Sure, most of the time it’s justifiable but at the same time, isn’t it simply continuing to spread anger? Today was started to bring joy. And really, … Continue reading

3 Stupid Questions about Cars & Tires, Answered

When is Ask a Stupid Question Day? The answer is pretty stupid — either September 28, or the last school day of September (September 30 this year). This holiday is so stupid it doesn’t even know which day to fall on. But you know what ISN’T stupid? Questions about cars and tires that affect safety. So in the spirit of National Ask a Stupid Question day (the purpose of which is … Continue reading

5 Car Movies for Kids

We love our movies here at RightTurn.com and have written about some of the best car and tire-related ones. Now that I have a toddler, however, we watch family friendly movies on a regular basis. And I love it! There are some great car movies for kids out there. Let’s take a look. Cars I don’t believe you can do any better than the now-classic Disney Cars movie. Released in … Continue reading

working labor day

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is a special holiday created to celebrate the arduous labor movement in America during the last part of the century. First, a little Labor Day history: At the peak of America’s Industrial Revolution, Americans were working seven days a week for up to 12 hours per day. With the enormous growth of manufacturing, the many workers across the nation endured these lengthy days under poor working conditions, thereby … Continue reading

National Relaxation Day — 3 Ways to Relax while Driving

What started out as “National Slacker Day” in Britain back in 2001 has become “National Relaxation Day” here in the States — a day to focus on our minds, on our breathing, on reducing our stress levels. Relaxation and mindfulness exercises are increasingly popular, but today I want to hone in on what we can do on National Relaxation Day in terms of driving. Some folks like me don’t mind driving … Continue reading


An Amazing Staycation Is Just a Quick Car Ride Away

Why take a staycation? Because it’s cheap way to take a vacation and it could uncover some amazing things you didn’t even realize were in your neighborhood. And simply having a car opens you to so many staycation options and weekend getaway ideas. Whenever I travel somewhere new, I check out the city’s top attractions on TripAdvisor. It’s a great help when there’s so much you could do but so … Continue reading

Must-See Movies in 2016 with Wicked Car Scenes

A classic car chase scene is one of the more exhilarating cinematic experiences a serious moviegoer could possibly ask for. So a poorly executed car chase can oftentimes be unrealistic and thereby extremely boring. But a well-crafted one easily keeps the viewer engaged, enthralled, and energized. It wasn’t until Bullitt where Steve McQueen set the standard for car chases because it was shot at actual speed. Nowadays there are many … Continue reading