tips for buying a car

What Do You Look For When Buying a New Car?

No matter what your reason is for needing a new automobile, finding the make, model, and features to suit your needs is only half the battle. It’s not all horsepower and handbrakes—the process of buying a car can be intimidating with a lot of numbers, negotiating, and paperwork involved. But as they say, the pen is mightier than the sword! Here are a few tips for buying a car to … Continue reading

april fools car pranks

April Fools’ Car Pranks

April Fools’ Day can be gimmicky and many pranksters can be overzealous in the pranks they pull. In many ways, modern April Fools’ Day jokes have jumped the shark. Companies worldwide devise clever campaigns just to get noticed for the most ridiculously obvious unrealistic jokes to get their product recognized. Hey, I’m not knocking it; any publicity is still publicity. This April Fools’ Day, is here to help you … Continue reading

spring cleaning

Green, Clean Machines: Tips for Keeping Your Car in Tip-Top Shape This Spring

It’s not unusual to see a layer of dust collecting on the dashboard after driving around all winter with the windows up. Just opening the windows can help blow some of that dust away—but also into your face. Meanwhile, spring’s pollen will often come crowding in to replace and add to the dust, filling the air vents and coating all the surfaces in the car. Check out the following spring … Continue reading

what is black ice

What is Black Ice?

The key to driving on black ice is to do the opposite of your initial reaction. Don’t hit the brakes! When we’re driving, and we encounter dangerous situations, our initial reaction is to instantly stop, but in the case of ice, slamming on the brakes will only make the situation worse. Instead, remove your foot from the gas pedal, which will help slow you down as the car glides over … Continue reading

preventing snow damage

Preventing Snow Damage

For those of us who are starting to experience true winter luxuries such as freezing temperatures, snow and ice, preventing snow damage becomes crucial. Let’s look at the ways that snow can damage your car — and what you can do about it. Preventative Winter Maintenance The most cost-effective and efficient way to prepare your vehicle for winter is to take it to your local dealership. There they can test … Continue reading

how to check tire pressure

How to Check Tire Pressure

We talk about it a lot here at because it’s important. Let’s review the what, where, when, why & how of tire pressure. What is Tire Pressure? In simple terms, tire pressure measures the amount of air in your tires. Why Tire Pressure is Important. Too little air, and your tire will go flat. Too much air, and your tire can explode! Either is bad. Underinflated tires also have … Continue reading

winter rims

The Truth about Rims and Winter

I know I don’t need to tell you what’s heading our way but I’m going to tell you anyway: frigid cold temperatures, snow, slush, freezing rain, and plenty of ice, making for adventurous winter driving. That means we’re going to need a lot of salt. Sure it does a good job removing that stuff I mentioned earlier, but it also takes quite a toll on your car. Salt combined with … Continue reading

car maintenance checklist

Car Maintenance Checklist: 3 Simple Items

Have you ever stopped to think what your vehicle really wants? Probably not. But that’s ok because we do. What your car really wants is be cared for. Fall is a time of change, after all, for most of us. It’s a time to clean out the summer fun and prepare for wintery magic. An end-of-summer car maintenance checklist, if you will. Plus it’s just a good way to remember … Continue reading

tires for less

Tires for Less — How to Get a Good Deal on Tires

Trying to get tires for less? Compared to other automotive costs, tires really aren’t all that expensive. But they are a large purchase, and you still want a deal on tires. If it’s time to buy tires, here’s how to get your money’s worth. 1. Watch Out for Hidden Charges Back in the day, airlines lured people in with low airfares that didn’t include all the required fees. Not fair, … Continue reading

Zika virus

Using Tires to Fight Zika

If you at all keep up with recent news, you know the word Zika. The disease is wreaking havoc in South America, specifically causing birth defects in unborn infants. Because a specific type of mosquito is the likely carrier of Zika, experts are working to control mosquito population growth. Researchers think they may have a solution — tires. In a nutshell, portions of used tires serve as effective traps. The … Continue reading