Quiz: How Bad of a Backseat Driver Are You?

Is backseat driving dangerous, or is it just a nuisance? Sometimes, the more eyes on the road, the better. But other times, backseat driver distractions can add up to cause car accidents. So, are you a backseat driver? And, no, we don’t mean literally driving from the backseat, though we’ve seen that happen, too. Take our five-question quiz below to find out! Instead of telling everyone else how to drive, … Continue reading

Take Our Tire Test: When, Why, and How to Replace Your Tires

At some point in your future of driving, you will more than likely need to purchase new tires. From making sure that your tire’s tread can grip the road like it should to figuring out how big that tire should be, there’s a lot to know about automotive tires to be able to replace them properly. Test your knowledge now. Then read on below to learn more. Where can you … Continue reading

ideas for fathers day

Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: A RightTurn Survey

I might not be a dad just yet, but I’m lucky enough to have one and I try to show my appreciation every time I see him. And even though I know he’ll love any gift I get him for Father’s Day, there’s still a small amount of stress when finding ideas for Father’s Day. We all know that the cliché Father’s Day tie is a bad idea (do people … Continue reading

tire myths

Tire Facts and Tire Myths

Some people just aren’t sure about what’s true and false when it comes down to their tires. Not all tires are the same and limited knowledge about tires change perceptions and myths begin to take form. But the topic of tires is not that simple, so RightTurn is here to help you distinguish the difference between the tire facts and tire myths. Myth  Of course I know my tire’s recommended … Continue reading

10 Reasons for Being Late to Work

Are you ever late for work? What’s the craziest reason you’ve given? Was it real or fake? Here are some that I’ve heard recently. Some are legit and some are, well, not. Here are my Top 10. 10: Power Outage The power went out, and I couldn’t open my garage door to get out my car. 9: Fake Phone Call At my old job, I would walk in late on … Continue reading

Americana the Beautiful

For me, one of the greatest things about the good ol’ U.S. of A., is all the crazy, kitschy things you can find here that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the world. So here are my top 3 tire-related bits of Americana worth watching for on your travels throughout the States. Click on each to read more. Only in America. Photos courtesy of www.worldrecordacademy.com & www.biggeststuff.com.