It’s “I Am In Control Day” — But are your tires?

April showers are on their way, and you know what that means for roads: slippery conditions. And since today is “I Am In Control Day” (I’m sure you already knew this), I wanted to look at one important aspect of control: how well your tires are in control.

Spring is a perfect time to get new tires that can handle the rain, but did you know that even brand new tires may not stop you fast enough? By settling for low-quality, budget tires, you could be putting your safety at risk. But don’t take my word for it. Continental made this video that proves it:

The Startling truth about budget tires:

Continental compared how fast a Volkswagen Golf could go from 70 mph to a complete stop on a wet road, first on Continental tires and then on look-alike budget tires. The difference was huge!

With Continental tires, the Golf came to a complete stop in 59.8 meters (196 feet), on average.
At that same point with the look-alike tires, the Golf was still barreling forward at 31 mph!

And according to the video, a pedestrian hit at that speed only has a 27% chance of surviving.

On average, the inferior tires increased the Golf’s stopping distance by 14 meters (46 feet), or around 3.5 car lengths.

Not very much control for it being “I Am In Control Day”, eh?

Worn tires are dangerous, so of course it’s a good idea to replace them as soon as possible. But don’t think that settling for the cheapest set you can find is good enough. The savings you think you’re getting may not be nearly worth the risk.

So get your new tires at We only offer name-brand, reputable tires that meet or exceed vehicle safety specifications. So you be sure that you’re truly in control on “I Am In Control Day” with new tires from RightTurn.