uses for old tires

Creative Uses for Old Tires

Old tires typically get thrown away, find their way to a giant open-air scrap tire pile, or make great dust collectors in the shed or garage. As great as those old tractor tires look on the front lawns of rural homesteads as flowerpots, there are many other uses for old tires. Check out a few creative ideas that convert old tires into useful objects for your home.

Tire Ottoman

You like putting your feet up after a long and trying day. Who doesn’t? So why not take an old tire and a few other supplies to make a rustic-looking ottoman? In an afternoon, you can transform what looks like something MacGyver would need to escape a very dangerous situation into a classy item that will have your guests talking. And hopefully relaxing.

Tire Table

If you love the idea of the ottoman but hate putting your feet up, then do everything in the directions and when you’re done, put some legs on it. What you get is an awesome end table. Make sure to scrub the tire, though. With all the dirt and grime from the many miles traveled, it’s possible your house could still smell greasy and rubbery if you don’t.

The Tire-Totter

If you have kids, you are already aware of all the toys that are strewn about the house. Maybe it’s time to spend some time customizing a toy that your kids can enjoy that doesn’t involve swiping across iPad screens. The teeter-totter has always been good old-fashioned fun. Using an old tire, you can make a homemade tire-totter and paint it any color and character you want. With just a few supplies and a ton of love, you’ll have your kids laughing in no time.

Hose Caddy

Hoses are such a pain. No matter how many different ways infomercials say they’ve come up with the solution for your unsightly, stubborn garden hose problems, they somehow still exist. So in my opinion, forget the gimmicks, and go unconventional. This one is simple — not a lot of explanation. Cut one sidewall off of an old tire, and coil your hose up in it. Easy. If you want to be creative, paint it. Other than that, you’ve got yourself a neat place to keep your garden hose out of the way. And it’s free.

Tire Swing

Ok, a tire swing is a given, but this isn’t the old tire swing of your childhood. Another one for the kids, you can turn your old tire into a horse swing. In as complicated as this looks, it’s actually pretty simple. You only need a few tools and two eye bolts, rope, poster board, and a chain. All you have to do is create the pattern on the poster board and cut away! After you bolt the tire horse in the correct places, you’re ready to go! You can even put a mane on it and name him or her. I had a horse when I was a kid and it was called “Burn Baby Burn.” It wasn’t a real horse, but still. Horses gotta have a name.

These fun projects are just five creative options for old, ugly tires. The construction of the tires makes for a durable but flexible option where you can use your imagination and create new and attention-grabbing things for your home. The best part is that old tires are easy to get. When you buy your new tires, just keep one or more of your old ones and get to work. The best part is that you are helping reduce environmental pollution, one tire at a time.

Tell us some of your tire recycling creations in the comments section. We’d love to get some more ideas!