Exposing Crumbs in the Car

I think mostly moms really recognize the validity of that question. Before I had my daughter, you wouldn’t find any food crumbs in my car. Maybe some empty coffee cups or a bottle of water (or three) but never food. And now? Sigh. A friend of mine told me not to let her eat in the car, but did I listen? Nope. And now, at any given time, you can find Goldfish® crackers (various flavors), raisins, and an empty pouch or two. In hoping to get rid of the shame, I asked others if they too had succumbed to this never-ending battle. And sure enough, I’m not alone!

By far, the number one answer was Goldfish crackers. Others included pretzels, Cheerios®, french fries (from a drive-thru), peanuts, and various types of candy, graham crackers.

We reached out to a couple of our mom blogger friends to see what they have in their cars. Here’s what they shared:

Trisha from momdot.com:

You caught me just as I was cleaning out my car today. I found two half Pop-Tarts®, about 19 empty gum wrappers, and jellybeans. 

 Shawna from momslivingthrifty.com:

What crumbs are NOT in my seats? Seriously?!?! There is a reason I’ve driven the same vehicle for 7 years. I’ve found gummy bears, the better half of a chocolate bar (melted, sadly), Cheez-Its®, cookie halves, parts of what looked like a cheeseburger, Nerds candy, what’s left of suckers, etc. in between my car seats. It makes me cringe…especially when I’m reaching in blind not knowing what I’m going to pull out. *Shivers*

I can relate.

There were a few mothers who have the no-eating-in-the-car rule, but they’re definitely the minority. At least the crumbs won’t affect my tires (which you can buy over at Rightturn.com.)

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