defensive driving tips

Defensive Driving Tips

Even the most experienced and skilled drivers need some defensive driving tips. Being cautious benefits all drivers on the road, and can help prevent accidents. But did you know that it also helps prevent premature tire wear? There are many tactics that are fairly self-explanatory that cover being a defensive driver while also contributing to extending the life of your tires. Let’s take a look at a quick guide to defensive driving habits that will help you make it in the long run (or drive).

Slow Down!

Everyone is in a big hurry. And yes, so am I. It’s easy to get impatient and frustrated with people driving slowly when I have someplace to be. But the truth of it is, driving at a steady clip of 60 mph can help increase your gas mileage. According to the EPA, every five miles per hour over 60 can cost you 24 extra cents per gallon. Observing slower speeds can save you from 19 to 61 cents per gallon! Slower speeds also give you more time to react to obstacles and situations. And driving fast can increase the wear on your tires by 25%!

Avoid Start-and-Stop Driving

This type of driving is extremely tough on a vehicle. Whether you are in traffic, or speeding up only to jam on the brakes at a stoplight, start-and-stop driving is unsafe in certain areas. Furthermore, accelerating too quickly with sudden stops can wear tire tread way down, leading to longer stopping distances and compromising your handling in bad weather conditions.

Expect the Unexpected

This cliché phrase will never cease to be true. So remind yourself that taking corners too quickly could be dangerous. In any situation, someone or something could be crossing the street. Or at the very least, unexpected potholes or debris could ruin your ride in a heartbeat. As for your tires, taking corners too fast and riding on the edge of pavement or curbs can generate added stress on the sidewalls and lead to premature tire wear or even a blowout. And hitting road hazards can weaken your suspension and lead to even more tire wear.

Driving defensively is a win-win situation. Yes, we all have places to be, but patience will pay off in multiple ways. Defensive driving can save your life, save your money (less traffic tickets!), and can save your tires.