Drive Kind on World Smile Day

Today marks World Smile Day®! The hope is that we perform acts of kindness, something that will make someone else smile. Let’s talk about this in terms of our driving personality.

Are you someone who easily gets all worked up on the road? Sure, most of the time it’s justifiable but at the same time, isn’t it simply continuing to spread anger? Today was started to bring joy. And really, nothing bad can come from being the model example of proper road etiquette.

So maybe today is the day when you take a break from road rage and simply nod when someone cuts you off. Maybe today is the day we slow down and just accept that traffic is what it is.

For some of us, that’s the best we can do. But for others — for those who really want to embrace World Smile Day — we need to go further. We need to do something to prompt someone else to smile. For instance, maybe we give someone extra space to merge. Maybe we let someone merge (you know who you are, the ones who make sure no one ever gets in front of you.)

Maybe we let another car turn ahead of us at a four-way stop sign. Maybe we put some extra change into someone else’s parking meter.

What other driving/car-related actions can we take to make someone smile? Tell me in the