drive ins near me

Drive-In Theaters Near Me & You

If you’re like me, you may have wondered at one point or another, “Are there any drive-in theaters near me?”. Drive-ins are an endangered species, even completely extinct in four states already: Alaska, Delaware, Louisiana, and North Dakota.

My parents claim that I’ve been to a drive-in theater, but either they’re confused or I was an infant because I have no recollection of it (and going to the movies with a baby sounds like the opposite of fun).

I’m a fan of technology, so when I think of drive-in movies, I imagine the experience would be far inferior to theaters today —where I enjoy plush reclining seats, a darkened atmosphere that isn’t spoiled by outdoor lighting, booming surround sound audio, climate control.

Which is why I’m pleasantly surprised to be yearning to experience the drive-in movie theater experience of yesteryear. See for myself how it is and if I can be won over by its charms.

In my search of drive-in theaters near me to see if it’s even feasible for me to experience one in my adult life, I stumbled upon, which maintains a list of drive-in theaters by state.

Here’s how states stack up against each other for number of open drive-ins:

Drive-In Theaters by State

New York tops the list with 28, followed closely by Pennsylvania at 27. I was particularly pleased to find my adoptive home state of Ohio third on the list with 24! And searching by zip code, I found 7 drive-ins near me (if 50 miles counts as “near”).

All in all there are 322 drive-ins still open according to A dwindling number considering the site lists 4,368 closed drive-ins. One cool aspect is that many of the closed theaters are still remembered thanks to user-uploaded photos.

I hope to make it to one of the drive-ins near me soon, while they’re still around. Have you ever been to a drive-in movie theater? Tell me about it!