lumbar support for car

Is Driving a Pain in Your Back?

Back pain. Some of us know it all too well. Because driving requires such concentration, suffering back pain while driving is not only uncomfortable but also potentially dangerous. I did some research and found some helpful solutions. But before I go on, please know that this is by no means meant to be a replacement for a visit to the doctor’s office. Only your doctor can properly diagnose and assess. In the meantime, let’s talk some lumbar support for your car.

What is the Lumbar Region?

Most often back pain while driving occurs in the lower back, known as the lumbar region. Given the design of car seats, the lumbar region isn’t always supported. Add to that the simple nature of stopping and going and turning… and stopping and going and so on, an already fragile back can be thrown into a bit of a tizzy.

Learn more about the lumbar region here.

.How Can I Support My Lower Back?

The first action to take? Stop slouching! The next time you’re in the drivers seat, make a conscience effort to sit up straight. It helps you realize just how much we do slouch while driving. I personally had no idea until someone mentioned it to me. Sitting up straight will also help to strengthen your abdominal muscles, which, guess what? That’s right. Support the back.

Providing additional support can be as easy as rolling up a sweatshirt and placing it in the small of your back. There are also inserts you can buy that range from the simple to the complex, meaning they include massage and heat mechanisms. Just remember that you want to support your back without falling asleep!

Does your back hurt when you’re driving? Have you found a solution? Share it with us below!