Funny & Wacky Helmets.

Everyone knows they should wear their seatbelt when riding in a car. In fact it’s the law here in Ohio. So it makes sense that everyone should wear a helmet when riding on a motorcycle or scooter.

I have a scooter. The thought of hitting my head while moving faster than a light jog kind of scares me. Concussions and brain damage scare me. I always wear my helmet. ALWAYS.

I specifically bought it to match my scooter.

This is me and my scooter, Toots.

My helmet is pretty standard, but there are some wacky and funny helmets for scooters and motorcycles alike.

Here are a few pics of my favorite.

This would look especially funny on a lady.

This would look especially fabulous on a lady!

This would look especially fashionable on a lady.

Whether you got the traditional route, or the fun route, make sure it fits and it’s DOT approved. You only have one noggin — keep it safe out there, folks!