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Gift Ideas for Father’s Day: A RightTurn Survey

I might not be a dad just yet, but I’m lucky enough to have one and I try to show my appreciation every time I see him. And even though I know he’ll love any gift I get him for Father’s Day, there’s still a small amount of stress when finding ideas for Father’s Day. We all know that the cliché Father’s Day tie is a bad idea (do people still even do that?!), but so are the typical home improvement tools for your cool dad.

Instead of guessing what dads might want, we went right to the source for the best ideas for Father’s Day. We asked RightTurn dads to tell us what Father’s Day means to each of them, and what Father’s Day gifts they will actually want/use. You won’t be surprised, these dads were as honest as they come. And maybe you’ll get some Father’s Day gift ideas you hadn’t thought about before!


Families have a hard time finding the right gift for the fathers of the family, but it turns out that a good portion are kind of indifferent about the day, but always get pleasantly surprised by the love they receive. It might be part of their machismo, but dads just do the job and don’t worry too much about the credit. And unlike Mother’s Day, you can’t just throw flowers at him last minute.

92% of those we surveyed said that Father’s Day is “somewhat important” and 100% enjoy getting a thoughtful gift. With an average of $116 spent on every father in 2015, it might be best to find something a little more personal than just an expensive golf club. Check out some of our dad responses when asked, “What’s your ideal Father’s Day gift?”

– I want a gift that includes the whole family. I enjoy everyone having fun together. I’m not expecting anything material. Food, family, and celebration are all I need.

 – An entire day of fun with my kids and some thoughtful gift from them.

– I don’t care much about gifts; I’d mostly just appreciate something my daughter made for me.

– Father’s day is not about the gifts, cards, meals, or money spent. Spending time with my family and kids is all that matters. Everything else is just stuff. I have no expectations from my wife and kids for Father’s Day.

 Others felt much the same, but did express some ideas that are more identifiable as “gifts.”

 – I would like to get something that I like but wouldn’t voluntarily spend money on — like a massage.

 – Something for my garden.

– Fishing gear.

Dads can at times be aloof. Not clueless so much, but just unaware. Here are some of the best responses concerning what they think they’ll receive for Father’s Day:

– Slippers.

– Gift cards.

 – Older. It’s similar to my birthday in that respect.

– Something that reflects my hobbies, no neckties!

RightTurn, of course, is in the business of selling tires. But if your dad doesn’t need a new set for Father’s Day, maybe one of our other blog posts (links below) can show you how to buy or make something from recycled tires. You’d be saving the environment and spending some quality time with your father. Which, according to our survey, 100% of dads LOVE!

Find ways to utilize tires for creative projects long after they’ve done their job!


Make an enTIREly new patio set!


To be honest, the possibilities are endless in finding ways to use scrap tires for good.

The trend seems to be that fathers just want to be with the ones they love for their special day. In fact, they just want those around them to be happy and healthy. And gifts are fine and appreciated, but not necessary. And if you’re still confused about what gift to get, something homemade seems to be the best route to go. Let’s give our awesome dads the surprise of a lifetime this year!

What about your Father’s Day? If you’re a dad, what would you like to receive? And if you’re not, what great gift do you plan on giving your father? Tell us in the comments below!