thanksgiving tips

To Grandmother’s House We Go!

To everyone who has learned a few things about tires, laughed a little at our quirky posts, or purchased some new tires through us, RightTurn would like to extend a very warm thank you! We are sincerely grateful for our families, friends, and customers.

On your way over the river and through the woods, make sure your tires are ready for the weather! If you’re all set on tires and are just looking for some tips for new side dish ideas this year, there are plenty of options to consider.

And if your holiday is anything like Thanksgiving at my parents’ house, there will be way too many people and endless plates to cook up. So you’ll need to save some time by using some of these Thanksgiving tips.

Don’t eat too much, though. If you do, your family will have to roll you outta there. So leave the rolling to your tires and get home safe!

Happy Thanksgiving!