Happy Browns Monday!

Living in Cleveland, there’s one thing you must do at least once on a fall Sunday: tailgate for the Cleveland Browns. Tailgating is notorious for people drinking, running around, and being silly. Cleveland tailgaters don’t disappoint as far as that goes, but there are also some family-friendly options too. There is usually a section roped off where kids can play corn hole or throw a ball around without the threat of getting trampled by rowdy sports fans.

One of the most creative outlets of die-hard Browns fans is how they decorate their tailgate vehicles. Many people have renovated old school buses or ambulances, and there’s one bus that even has a removable goalpost so fans can daydream about making the winning kick. Vans are often renovated with new paint jobs, satellite dishes, flat screen TVs, sound systems… one even has Astroturf on the inside. And someone else actually repurposed a hearse, painting it brown and orange and adding a built-in cooler under one of the seats.

No mater what kind of vehicle you’re taking to go tailgating, just make sure you’re wearing brown and orange and be prepared to toss the pigskin around. Maybe you’ll get lucky and get to celebrate a win!




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