working labor day

Happy Labor Day!

Labor Day is a special holiday created to celebrate the arduous labor movement in America during the last part of the century. First, a little Labor Day history: At the peak of America’s Industrial Revolution, Americans were working seven days a week for up to 12 hours per day. With the enormous growth of manufacturing, the many workers across the nation endured these lengthy days under poor working conditions, thereby prompting strikes to encourage employers to re-structure pay and working hours. After riots and protests in Chicago and New York, many other cities caught on and the movement gained momentum. Many of these protests did not go on without incident. Sadly, many people lost their lives as the fight for fair and equal pay and working conditions reached hostile levels. Congress eventually passed an act to make Labor Day a legal holiday in 1894. Over a 120 years later, we’re still celebrating due to the hard-fought battle to reward hard work with a well-deserved break.

The thing about movement, though, especially when it comes to labor, is that it never stops. So when people are at home this holiday, remember that others aren’t so lucky and are working Labor Day. In large part, those who drive for a living. Let’s take a moment to reflect on the different occupations that will be working this Labor Day and be thankful for all who contribute to the valuable workforce America has to offer.

Delivery Drivers

From trucks to vans to semis, these drivers spend time away from friends and families to bring everyday goods to you including medicine, food, supplies, and donation services. The economy stops if trucks do, so thank a truck driver when you get the chance.

Emergency Vehicles

Most of the roadways on Labor Day are filled with those who aren’t working. So what happens if there’s an accident? EMTs, police officers, ambulances, and fire trucks all have to be ready for the road to get people to safety. This type of position takes no days off. It’s up to us to help them help us by arriving on a great set of reliable tires.


Transportation services are dependable and will be available on Labor Day. Whatever event you attend, whether it’s a baseball game downtown friend’s backyard barbecue, don’t forget that some are giving up their time to help you get where you want to go, especially if you’re unable to drive because you’ve had a few too many. That’s a “thank you” we all owe to designated drivers everywhere.

In all fairness, all jobs get their days off. But it’s nice to know we have a day that constantly reminds us that we are all good workers, dedicating ourselves to doing the best job we can in order to get a day of recognition to do with what we choose. Some of you might not leave the house. And that’s ok. You know why? Because you’ve earned it!