Happy Mother’s Day to All the Mom Taxi Moms!

With Mother’s Day speeding toward us, I felt it would be a good time to pump the brakes and give moms the love they deserve by recounting stories from RightTurn associates, letting our moms know exactly why they mean so much to us. As you grow older, you see more and more with every small act just how much you mean to your mom. But you can never truly pay her back. Not with anything but love. And so we owe it to all the moms of the world to show just how much we appreciate them from the very bottom of our hearts.

As for me, my mother begins a good number of sentences with, “Let me tell ya something…” and then goes on to explain in great detail her view of the situation. It’s an endearing signifier that lets me know to pay full attention to the sage advice forthcoming. She is a very strong-willed woman who has worked hard her entire life to see little reward monetarily. Just as mothers tend to be, my mom is incredibly caring and selfless. Having four children, it was easy to assume that my mother maybe loved one of us more than the others. But that most certainly was not the case for my family, and the proof was in the extracurriculars. She was the quintessential Mom Taxi. You know those moms; the ones that drop everything and take you to school, the dance, band practice, Friday night football games, weekend trips to the mall, or anywhere else you needed to go. Mom Taxi moms are the every day superheroes that can manage to get from one end of town to the other and back again in a single tank of gas. They never complained; they just picked you up and dropped you off getting where you need to go safe and sound.

In my family, each one of us kids had after-school activities and my mom would show up without fail. Not to mention when we all arrived safely home, dinner was already cooked and ready to eat. All this while working a full-time job! As I’m nearing the end of my 30s (holy cow), I have very little energy to do even one-third of these activities and have to believe that it wasn’t my mom’s energy level that helped her get it all done, it was her love for all of us that kept her motor running. She has always been an incredible supporter of my siblings and me, so each and every day I support her for being her.

To some of the moms of RightTurn (and moms all over), we thank you with some short stories about why we love you all so much!

When we were kids, our house was like a menagerie. My mother, who originally wanted to go to veterinary school prior to marrying my dad, had a habit of rescuing animals she found along the side of the road that were in distress. She saved a turtle (which she later named Herkhimer), a red doberman my brother found in a ditch, and even nursed a baby bird she called Lazarus back to health by feeding it oatmeal from a plastic syringe. She’s a caregiver and a lover of all forms of life, great and small — except spiders. And that is why I love my mom.

-Julie B.

I always appreciated the fact that my mother looked to me to help raise my two brothers. Being the oldest of three boys I was sometimes tasked with the responsibility of making sure they were taken care of after school, etc. This was at a relatively young age, so it taught me responsibility, patience and understanding.

-Frank M.

My Mom has always inspired me to overcome adversity, focus on the positive and work hard. After my father passed away, she had to raise 4 kids ranging in age from 6-14. Rather than letting what she couldn’t control bring her down, she thrived on what she was in control of – raising those 4 kids by being the best Mom possible! She juggled getting my siblings and I to-and-from our activities, substitute teaching, and a running small tutoring business on the side all at once. I’ll be forever grateful to her for teaching me to always see the glass half full, appreciating the present moment in life, and instilling a work ethic in me that I’m proud of.

-Steve S.

My Mom, Pat/P-Diddy, is definitely one of the coolest people I know. While both of my parents have played an equal role in helping me to develop a strong work ethic, she certainly has taught me the value in balancing work and play, and never taking yourself too seriously. My girl never turns down an opportunity to treat herself. Whether that’s a mani-pedi, some happy hour drinks on our back patio at home, or both. Because why the hell not?! She also is a very active person who loves going to the gym and takes dance lessons. I credit both my daughter’s and my own appreciation for a good beat to P-Diddy.

-Tiffany L.

My mom is a fighter, both physically and mentally. She was diagnosed with severe Rheumatoid Arthritis in her twenties, and for a woman who literally deals with pain on a daily basis, I have rarely ever heard her complain. She once fractured her ankle and kept walking for two days because she didn’t think it was anything more than a little swelling. When most people could easily get discouraged, she pushed onward, pursued a masters in Social Work and would eventually become a practicing lawyer in her 40s. When her doctors told her “a little exercise” might help, she took it a step further and power walked her way through the Honolulu Marathon. Twice. Mom not only taught me that a person isn’t limited by age, physical or mental capacity: she proved it to me. What’s not to love about that?

-Steve L.

We hope ALL moms have the time of their lives this Mother’s Day and enjoy what their families have in store for them. Whether that be staying at home and being doted on, or loading up the car to go see grandma. Just be sure you check your tires before your trip; you’ve got the most precious cargo of all — your mom!