He’s Doing His Part. Are You Doing Yours?

Illinois resident Chad Pregracke has been in the news lately for his outstanding work cleaning up the Illinois, Mississippi, and Ohio rivers. Since its founding in 1998, Pregracke’s organization, Living Lands & Waters, has grown to be the only “industrial strength” river cleanup organization of its kind. The Living Lands & Waters crew lives on barges for 9 months each year as they travel up and down America’s waterways hosting cleanup workshops, planting trees, and collecting debris. Much to RightTurn’s dismay, a lot of that debris is discarded tires.

In addition to 4,000 55-gallon barrels and 1,000 refrigerators, Pregracke and Living Lands & Waters have removed over 78,000 tires from the rivers they work so hard to keep clean. That’s a difficult number to swallow, especially for us here at RightTurn where tires are our business.

You can help do your part in keeping US rivers clean by volunteering with Living Lands & Waters in one of their many programs. We also encourage you to do your part by making sure that your old tires are discarded properly. That way they never make it to the water in the first place.

Take the first step in proper tire disposal when you get new tires installed on your vehicle. Ask your tire installer if they take part in a tire disposal or tire recycling program. If they don’t, don’t leave your old tires with them. There are several options for disposing of old tires yourself

One great way to discard of old tires is to recycle them. To learn about tire recycling and ways you can recycle your old tires, read our articles “7 Uses for Recycled Tires,” “Recycling Tires Facts & Information,” and “Make a Garden in Tires.”

If you have tires that you need to get rid, visit EPA.gov. Along with providing a wealth of useful information about scrap tires, the website will help you find a local tire disposal program.