Hungry? Read About Our Top 5 CLE Food Trucks Here!

I’ll be the first to admit it—I love to chow down. Getting a bite to eat and catching up with friends is definitely one of my favorite pastimes. And one of the hottest ways to do so in Cleveland is right up RightTurn’s alley: food trucks. There are so many options for fresh, fun, and local food! Here’s my top 5 suggestions for food trucks in the Cleveland area.

1. Donut Lab: Being a diehard dessert lover, this food truck is right up my alley. Donut Lab specializes in mini donuts and other tasty concoctions, such as donut parfaits. Their delicious confections are custom-made to order and are crafted before your very eyes, making them always fresh and delicious. Your mouth watering yet? I know mine is. Be sure to check out Donut Lab’s Facebook page.

2. The Green Machine Food Truck: Despite my intense love for desserts, I also love healthy foods made with local ingredients, an area in which The Green Machine is expert. Started by Scott Wnek, a skilled chef with years of experience who studied in Bologna, Italy, The Green Machine makes it its mission to serve gourmet food made with locally-sourced, organic ingredients. Learn more about The Green Machine.

3. Mobile Sushi Bar: Let’s face it—sushi is beautiful and delicious. So, obviously Mobile Sushi Bar, which is the first sushi truck in the Midwest, is definitely an exciting option. Mobile Sushi Bar features made-to-order sushi, ensuring that every delicious morsel you get is freshly crafted just for you. Plus, they have some pretty sweet options, such as the “sushi-rito”, which as the name suggests, is a burrito-sushi combo. Sound intriguing? Learn more at

4. Wholly Frijoles: In addition to desserts, I also have a huge weakness for Mexican food. Fresh, delicious, and fun…what more could you ask for? Born in Mexico City and having lived in L.A., Juan Gonzalez, co-owner of Wholly Frijoles, is able to bring a truly authentic taste to his culinary creations. According to Mr. Gonzalez, Wholly Frijoles is unique to the Cleveland area, as it is the only food truck offering authentic Mexican food with options other than tacos. Follow Wholly Frijoles on Twitter.

5. Sweet! The Mobile Cupcakery: A cupcake food truck—need I say more? I know I was totally sold the second I heard about it. Specializing in delicate, delicious morsels of sugary goodness, Sweet is definitely a must-try for any cupcake lover. Its Buckeye cupcake, featuring a chocolate and peanut butter combo, sounds especially decadent. Find out more about Sweet! The Mobile Cupcakery on Facebook.

Feeling hungry? I know I am! To learn more about other awesome food trucks in the Cleveland area, check out this great list and be sure to try some out soon. Got a particular favorite you want to share about? Be sure to do so in the comments section!