If Roads Could Talk: The New Smart Highway

Cars and tire technology continues to advance, from tire tread depth sensors and automatically inflating tires to a camera system creates the appearance of a transparent car. But what about road technology? All I notice is the same concrete, construction cones, and craters (yes, potholes are that bad in Cleveland). Is there any way to improve driving safety by improving the roads themselves?

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde thinks so, so he’s working with Heijmans Infrastructure to develop the “Route 66 of the future”. And I have to admit, the techie nerd in me is super impressed. Check out what they’re working on!

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 images © Studio Roosegaarde & Heijmans Infrastructure

It really is fascinating. The induction charging lane seems a little out of this world, but glow-in-the-dark lanes? So simple! Especially since whenever it rains here in Cleveland, I feel like the lane dividers may as well have washed away cuz they sure aren’t easy to see.

And I am similarly impressed by the idea of the snowflake symbols that appear when roads are cold. So many drivers are unaware of the benefits of winter tires, but then to explain that they’re not for just snow and ice and that winter tires are good on dry roads too? I think giant snowflakes appearing in the middle of the road would get the point across.

You can read more about these smart highway plans at www.smarthighway.net. Which of these concepts appeals to you most? Got any other ideas for the roads of the future?