Indosole is Turning Tires into Shoes

Most tires look pretty much the same, at least from afar. This I will concede. But you know what doesn’t look the same at all? All the different shoes made of tires at

Turning tires into shoes isn’t a new concept, but what makes Indosole (based in Indonesia, bene the name) stand is out is how cool the shoes look.

Not only are they keeping tires from landfills, they’re making things with them that people actually want — which means even more tires they’re able to use up.

Check out these Indosole recycled tire shoes:

I’ve never been to Indonesia, but judging by photos of the beaches it’s absolutely beautiful. So I think it’s pretty BA that Indosole is doing its part to keep it that way.

Check out Indosole footwear here (and buy me a pair while you’re at it… size 13, thanks!).

And while you’re at it, fill in the blank: “Next they should try making __________ out of tires.” Comment with your answer! The best response wins a high five from me.